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Fuel Injection Corp. or FIC was founded by Bob White in the year 1977. The business started out as a one-man business until it grown to include the rest of the White's household plus the addition of 30 employees. The business that started out as a home-based business was able to acquire a renovated office and production facility on the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay Area community of Livermore. Through the years, FIC has continuously strived to improve its process and its products. Their hard work paid off, because now they were able to attain 97% success rate.

Fuel Injection Corp. remanufactures various products and is renowned for their skills in automotive electronic computers, in which they utilized their very own in-house reverse engineered ECM testing units. They also excel in the production of fuel injectors, fuel pumps, air mass sensors, air flow and vane type meters, fuel distributors, warm-up regulators, pressure sensors, auxiliary air valves, and many other specialized accessories.

FIC has been in the business for over 30 years now. Their decades of experience have helped them to become an expert in their field. All products of FIC are produced to exceed OE manufacturer's specifications for quality and wear performance.

Fuel Injection Corporation: A Global Resource for Quality Accessories and Components

The Fuel Injection Corporation (also known as Fuel Injection Corp. or FIC) is a forward-thinking, innovative establishment that serves as a worldwide distributor of quality EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) components and accessories. They've had over 30 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket as well. This has made them specialists when it comes to rebuilding, remanufacturing, creating, and innovating fuel injection components and accessories.

They specifically make auxiliary air valves, pressure sensors, fuel distributors, fuel pumps (new and remanufactured), warm-up regulators, air mass sensors, air flow meters, electronic fuel injectors, and electronic control units as well as an assortment of automotive accessories.FIC is a rebuilder and maker of different fuel injection parts, which are built from the component level. They tend to at least meet OES specifications or exceed their stock or OEM counterparts.

Safety-Ensuring electronic control units

The Fuel Injection Corporation is a well-known maker of electronic control units or ECU. It's the component that operates as a central processing unit and reacts to input from various sensors. It even calculates engine control parameters in accordance to the situation or your driving circumstances. It mainly manages fuel timing delivery. The Fuel Injection Corp. is quite meticulous when it comes to remanufacturing the electronic control unit.

First, the FIC employees remove the cans and cases from the electronics for the sake of getting an accurate and complete visual inspection of the part. They tend repair or replace all the visible damage to the board in order to make it come out like brand new. Afterwards, the unit is connected to the in-house simulator, which runs the ECU through the different phases of its operation. If it fails OEM specs on any operation, it's again repaired.

Complete line of aftermarket fuel components

The Fuel Injection Corp. is also responsible for remanufacturing various major fuel injection and pump parts like fuel injectors, fuel distributors, and fuel pumps.In particular, the company makes solenoid valves that work in conjunction with the ECU. The injector gets a signal from the control unit then delivers the precise amount of fuel deemed by the electronic control unit to be appropriate directly into the intake port.

As for the FIC fuel distributors, they're the gadgetry responsible for the measurement and delivery of fuel into every individual injector. This distributor mounts on the air horn that measures how much air is getting inside the engine, which in turn affects fuel amounts. Finally, the Fuel Injection Corp.'s fuel pumps offer an important role in the fuel injection system, which is to draw fuel from the tank in order to deliver it to system components like injectors, distributors, and warm-up regulators.

Enriched air flow and mass meters

The FIC also makes air flow meters that work in conjunction with injectors and the ECU to measure the air volume that's getting into the engine then sending the right signal to the ECU to help it decide how much fuel injection is necessary for the engine to run in an efficient and dependable fashion. There are certain air flow meters that even include a temperature sensor.

As for the Fuel Injection Corporation's air mass meters, they're the devices that also work along with fuel injectors and the electronic control unit, but this time around they measure engine load and affect the fuel to air mixture ratio in that front. This meter adjusts to changes in altitude, air temperature, and air mass accordingly and automatically.

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