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How to Select the Right Headlight Wiper Arm

It's dark and the weather is getting worse. The basics of science tell us that water tends to diffuse and break light apart. When water droplets cover your vehicle's lights, what you get is diminished lighting. Headlight wiper arms may be a bit of a luxury, but when you need them the most, they are there to help you out. If you're in the market for a new set of headlight wiper arms, let us help you with a couple of tips.

Parts and Components

Before shopping for a new set of headlight wiper arms, you have to check your vehicle's service manual for the right part number. There are a lot of complicated wirings and spacing involved, and you also have to consider these components that make a headlight wiper arm function. These are the components around the wipers that you need to get:

  • On-dash control switch
  • Headlight control arm wiring
  • Headlights and assemblies that will accommodate the arm

Find the Right Fit

As a basic rule of thumb, always consult your vehicle's manual when looking for a headlight wiper arm. Make sure to note down the part number, measurements, and the nuts and bolts that go with the entire assembly. Shopping online is a great idea because there are more retailers to choose from. It allows you to narrow down your search to those that will specifically fit your vehicle's make, model and year. These three factors will also help you choose the right headlight wiper arm.

A Word of Caution

When shopping for a headlight wiper arm, always be on the lookout for unscrupulous manufacturers. Don't be fooled when they sweet talk you and try to pass off wiper arms made from sheet metals as being viable. A reliable wiper arm costs around $ 70 and you may get discounts from most reputable car part sites. Spending a few extra dollars for a durable wiper arm is better than getting a cheap knock-off and regretting it later on.

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