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Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumper Reinforcement

Reasons behind a Defective Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumper Reinforcement

You might think that your Jeep Grand Cherokee's bumper is the one responsible for keeping the car's front end intact in the event of a minor collision, but in fact, the real magic for this additional defense is found behind the bumper-a bumper reinforcement. This part, which is located right behind your auto's bumper, is usually built of high durable steel that absorbs impact subjected to the bumper. You see, the bumper is hollow, and what keeps it strong is the steel reinforcement behind it. The part typically lasts a lifetime, but if you suspect it to be already damaged, then better perform some troubleshooting. Here are a some signs of a defective Jeep Grand Cherokee bumper reinforcement and the reasons behind them.

Sagging bumpers

The most common culprit behind a sagging bumper is a defective and worn bumper bracket, but in some instances where the brackets are fine, you might need to inspect the bumper reinforcement for defects. This is usually the case for owners whose cars have been in a recent collision. There is usually an inch gap between the front bumper and the hood. Luckily, checking the bumper reinforcement should not be that hard because all you have to do is to detach the auto's bumpers.

Rusty bumper reinforcement

Detecting a dirty and rusty bumper reinforcement is easy, but it requires quite a commitment from you as a car owner because you might constantly need to perform inspection. You see, since the bumper reinforcement is found behind the bumper, it is more difficult to find out if they are already dirty and rusting. That is why most experts advise that you also clean the reinforcement whenever you clean the bumpers. Once you find signs of corrosion on your bumper reinforcement, it is best that you address them immediately because it will be harder to clean the part when rusting is already severe. In fact, if this is the case, replacement might be your only option.

Bent bumper reinforcement

You might find your bumper reinforcement bent upwards or downwards after a collision. If you find one, you may perform a DIY-repair by using a hammer to bend it back to shape. But, if you really want an optimum defense against car crash and collision, replacing the deformed part is the best choice to go for.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Bumper Reinforcement in Top Shape

    A good way to ensure your safety when driving your Jeep Grand Cherokee is by equipping and maintaining a fully functional bumper reinforcement. This steel construction behind the bumper is actually crafted to last as long as your auto. However, in some instances, they may wear prematurely because of poor maintenance and car collisions. As you can see, these highly durable parts still need to be maintained for optimum performance. So, if you have no idea how to go about cleaning and maintenance on your Jeep Grand Cherokee bumper reinforcement, then simply read through and follow these trouble-free maintenance tips:

    Avoid driving through muddy terrain.

    An easy way to keep your car's bumper reinforcement in its best condition is by avoiding driving your auto through muddy terrain. Since the bumper reinforcement is not directly visible, it will be difficult to tell if mud has already deposited on the part. When there is too much that has crept inside, you should expect a shorter service life for the part. In fact, when the mud deposits are not scraped off immediately, rust will form and affect the bumper reinforcement's durability. When this time comes, repair might be more difficult, so you will have to resort to a more expensive option-a part replacement.

    Perform regular inspection and cleaning.

    Cleaning and performing inspection of the car's bumper reinforcement should be easy, but it takes much patience to carry out the task regularly. To save time, most car owners perform this bumper reinforcement maintenance procedure when cleaning the auto's bumpers. Luckily, you would not need complicated tools in washing the part. Also by performing this procedure, you can address a dented or deformed bumper reinforcement much faster to avoid further damages. If you do find a deformed bumper reinforcement, a hammer may be used to put it back into shape. Take note though that a severely deformed reinforcement should be replaced instead of hammered back in shape.

    Clean a rusting bumper reinforcement with a wire brush.

    Corrosion is prominent in a poorly maintained bumper reinforcement. So, at the first hint of rusting, prepare your wire brush and rust dissolvers to wipe away signs of corrosion. These cleaning tools should be easy to find and are usually available in your local auto supply stores or home improvement shops.