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Adding Zest to Your Interior Ensemble with a New Key Chain

You are all set up for a good drive for a bright sunny day. The garage door opens up like the cave of wonders. Lo and behold, your precious ride greets you with a smile and says, “I'm ready, mate.” The keys are clicking on your hands with so much joy that it gets you excited as well. But you know what, there might be something missing. It lacks the certain charm and zest of personality. This can be solved by adding a key chain. Here are some things you can consider.

What do you want to represent?

Key chain selections are as varied as the number of vehicles you get to see on the road every day. There are designs that help you show your loyalty to the brand while others tend to be more patriotic in nature. Each maker has its different interpretations of flags, banners and insignias. Some have the Union Jack spread all over a badge shape ornament. For those who consider themselves a child at heart, there are also key chains that resemble cartoon characters and cute animals. There are even furry ones that can sort of work as a tiny pillow. Of course, it might need regular washing to preserve its clean and cute state. You can also go look for those that can tell a whole lot about your personality. They can be ones that contain images of your favorite places, tag lines that are worth remembering, or symbols coated in your favorite color. For us, the boiling point should be getting a key chain that will be able to speak for itself and complement the idea that you want to represent when people see it. But of course, it should also be an eye candy for you since you will be seeing it dangling very often.

How big should your piece be?

When picking a size for your key chain, the goal should always be getting just the right dimensions so that it will not be an obstruction on your driving. We prefer pieces that are about the size of a coin or something a little bit bigger. We find it ideal because it will not continuously hit your knee while you are driving. Remember that the conventional place for ignition switches are found on the stalk for the steering wheel. If you get something as big as a tennis ball, you should be ready for the consequences. Or better yet, just mount it on your rear view mirror. It might even look better there.

What is your preferred material?

Key chains can be made of durable plastic or metal components. The plastic accessory is usually the lightest one and comes in all shapes and sizes. Some contains design pieces in the middle sealed tightly to place. It looks very nice and attractive. However, the plastic key chain is prone to break if it is hit with a considerable amount of force. It will crack and turn into pieces. On the contrary, metal pieces should be more durable but heavier. They also look nice with a brushed or chromed finish.

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