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Lincoln A/C Condenser

If you turned on the air conditioner in your vehicle, expecting to be cool and comfortable, only to get a blast of warm air in an already blistering hot cabin, perhaps your Lincoln AC condenser is losing refrigerant. The Lincoln AC condenser is the component that chills the refrigerant after it has passed through the evaporator to cool your vehicle's cabin. The Lincoln AC condenser disperses the heat the refrigerant gathers from the air in its travels by passing it through a long tube that travels a winding path through a maze of tiny cooling fins which are exposed to air generated by the fan and the airflow created by the motion of the vehicle. This process makes the refrigerant cold enough as it emerges, to travel back to the evaporator and cool your cabin once again. This system works hard against the heat and humidity of the summer weather, as well as the heat rising from the sun-baked pavement. As if that were not enough, there is also the contribution of the heat from the engine and that of the rays of the sun, intensified by the glass as it streams in through the windows of the vehicle. As the Lincoln AC condenser does its duty, the pressurized flow of refrigerant that passes through can stress any weak spots caused by corrosion or small rocks that fly in through the openings of the grille, causing these areas to wear through and lose refrigerant. If your Lincoln AC condenser is no longer keeping your vehicle cool and comfortable, we have a quality selection of replacements in our online catalog at great prices. Ordering your Lincoln AC condenser will be quick and convenient, whether using our secure site or our toll-free phone line.