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MGP: Making Caliper Covers a Worthy Addition to the Automotive Market

Backed by 30 years of engineering experience, MGP was able to come up with a significant addition to the automotive industry—the MGP caliper covers. This manufacturing company, which is headquartered in San Diego, California, makes use of the most advanced technologies to develop high-quality innovative components.

The development of the MGP caliper covers

The MGP caliper covers were developed in response to the challenge of producing a premium-quality, form-fitting brake caliper cover that fastens securely, installs easily, and meets varying factory wheel clearances. It took MGP four years to engineer these automotive components, experimenting on various fastening devices until the team discovered that it was best to use a vehicle-specific clip and fastener system. The brand's stainless steel fastening system is patent pending. It comes with a flexible design so it can be used in most modern-day automotive applications.

What makes MGP caliper covers a cut above the rest?

Not only were the MGP caliper covers developed according to the industry's highest manufacturing standards but their production also made use of a wide range of engineering technologies, including hydraulic forming, CNC machining, and TIG welding. They also went through a series of stringent tests including on- and off-road track testing, heat-soak testing, and stress and corrosion testing. With all these assessments, MGP guarantees that it produces high-quality OEM components.

What are the features and benefits that the MGP caliper covers have to offer?

When it comes to developing top-notch brake caliper covers, MGP completely understands that there's more to the process than just creating a revolutionary fastening system. Aside from ensuring that these components are easy to install, the company also needed to make sure that these caliper covers possess maximum strength, long-lasting durability, and outstanding aesthetic quality. With these important factors in mind, MGP's praiseworthy team of skilled engineers and designers racked their brains to come up with the most beneficial features that can be incorporated into the caliper covers' design and construction. MGP's substantial knowledge and expertise in the field of aerospace and engineering industries made it even more possible for the company to develop a product that truly stands out among the rest.

Today, the MGP caliper covers come with a wide array of advantageous features that make them even more worthy of splurging on. Proudly manufactured in the USA, these brake caliper covers are durably constructed from T-6061 aerospace-quality aluminum material. By using this high-grade metal, MGP ensures its caliper covers offer a structural integrity that's unmatched by other brands. The production processes involved in manufacturing these components also contribute to their strength and service life. MGP employs TIG welding process to make these components stronger and better-fitting. The company also powder-coats these caliper covers to reinforce their surfaces, making them more durable against corrosion and abrasion. MGP brake caliper covers are custom-designed for specific vehicle makes and models to guarantee a flawless fit. They are also available in a variety of colors that are sure to suit every driver's tastes. All these useful features simply prove that there's more to the MGP caliper covers than just their fastening system. There's absolutely no doubt that the long hard years that MGP spent to develop these components are truly worth it.

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