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Causes behind a Faulty Plymouth Sundance Mirror

Your Plymouth Sundance's mirrors are an important safety feature of your auto. Without them, you will be unable to tell if there are cars or people behind you. This can be dangerous and can even lead to an accident. Even if the mirrors are constantly maintained, they may still show signs of aging and may soon compromise safety. So, if you are unsure of your car mirrors' condition, then you had better perform some troubleshooting. Here are some of the common problems encountered with Plymouth Sundance mirrors and the reasons behind them.

Cloudy mirrors

When water or moisture has crept inside the car mirrors, you will often find hardened water spots on the glass' surface. These spots are usually a result of driving through sprinklers or from improper maintenance during washing and cleaning. It' a good thing that removing the cloudiness is not that complicated. In fact, you may only use cleaning tools that are already available at home. Simply mix a solution of two parts vinegar and one part water on the hardened spots. Then, let the solution sit for around five minutes. Once done, wipe the cloudy area with a soft rag or paper towel. If the hardened spots are still there, try using a solution of vinegar and baking soda and repeat the same wiping procedure.

Minor scratches

Minor scratches are not that big a deal, but when they are left unaddressed, they might develop into larger cracks. Luckily, you would not need to spend money for repair because some of the most effective cleaning compounds are already found at your own home. To do your own remedy at home, clean the mirror glasses with a mixture of ammonia and water first. This should be an effective substitute to the more expensive glass cleaner. Once finished, simply apply ordinary white toothpaste on the affected area and buff it lightly. Be careful with buffiing since too much pressure can weaken the glass.

Loose mirrors

Impact may cause your mirrors to pop out of their cases or become loose. When this happens, you have no choice but to check your component. To find out if you already need a replacement mirror, inspect the claw-like parts at the bottom of the mirror. The back of the mirrors should have a hook portion. If it's missing these parts, then you'd better find a new mirror right away.

Stress-free Ways to Keep a Plymouth Sundance Mirror in Good Shape

To avoid possible rear-end collisions and car crash accidents, car manufacturers strategically located the auto's mirrors in order for you to have optimum vision range. But since your car's side mirrors are located in a place where they can easily get hit, scratched, or damaged, there may come a time when you will have to replace them. Luckily, you can avoid the parts' premature wear and tear by performing regular maintenance. Here are just some easy tips and tricks you can follow to keep your Plymouth Sundance mirrors in their best condition:

Wash dirt and grime on the mirrors' surface.

Glass cleaners should work well on your vehicle's mirrors, but if you are looking for a cheaper yet effective alternative, you may simply use a mixture of ammonia and water. This simple solution should make it easy for you to wipe off stubborn dirt and grime particles on the mirrors' surface. You may use a lint free towel to wipe the dirty mirror glasses.

Remove scratches with toothpaste.

Scratches on your car's mirrors are unavoidable. Although these minor defects are not that significant a reason to replace the part, keeping them unaddressed is still a big no-no. You see, when these tiny scratches are left the way they are, the damage may aggravate into larger cracks. When that time comes, you will need to replace the whole glass. If you want to prevent this, simply apply ordinary white toothpaste on the scratched area. Buff the area with caution because too much pressure may break the mirror glass.

Clean hardened water spots.

Hardened water spots on your Plymouth Sundance mirrors can impair vision and might even result to a collision. Luckily, a cloudy mirror can be easily addressed with tools that should be readily available at your own home. To clean these spots, simply spray a solution of water and vinegar. Alternately, you may also use a solution of vinegar and baking soda to the cloudy area. Just make sure to allow a few minutes for the solution to sit in before wiping it with a clean paper towel or soft rag.

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