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04 8543 60 Neutral Safety Switch
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  • 1994 - 1995 Mercedes Benz S500 All Submodels All Engines
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Quantity Sold : Sold individuallyWarranty : 24-month or 24,000-mile limited warranty
80175 Neutral Safety Switch
Universal Fit
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Notes : Fits GM Turbo 350 and 400 transmissions as well as the 700 R4Quantity Sold : Sold individuallyWarranty : 1-year Painless limited warrantyProp 65 Warning :

Warning SymbolWARNING: This product can expose you to chemical which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Mercedes Benz S500 Neutral Safety Switch Customer Reviews

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Mercedes Benz S500 Neutral Safety Switch Articles

Troubleshooting Tips for The Mercedes Benz S500 Neutral Safety Switch

The neutral safety switch of your Mercedes Benz S500 is an important tool in your vehicle's starting procedure. It keeps the car from suddenly flying off the pavement whenever you don't notice that you are starting it in gear. However, prolonged usage and harsh elements wear the part down. If you want to make certain of your neutral safe switch's functionality, then here is a list of common problems and how to troubleshoot them:

Vehicle not starting

If you could not start your vehicle and there are no problems with either the ignition coil or the starter, then you need to check the positioning of the neutral safety switch. See if the part is still aligned properly. It sometimes shifts out of alignment, preventing ignition since it would think that it is not safe to start the car. A way to test this is getting a voltmeter and connecting it to the switch. Then, set your car in reverse, but do not start the engine in any way. Instead, look at your voltmeter to determine whether there is any power registered. If not, then the neutral safety switch really is misaligned or even faulty. Another way to test this is through the shifter. Put it into neutral position first, and then try starting the vehicle. As you turn the ignition key, shake the shifter around a bit. This allows power transfer past the switch and to the starter. If your vehicle starts then, it means it is time to either repair or replace your neutral safety switch.

Starting in gear

The other common car problem related to the neutral safety switch is when you start your vehicle, and it suddenly moves because it is in gear already. When this happens to you, inspect the contacts around the neutral safety switch. Due to external factors such as physical damage, metal shavings, and moisture, they may cross over and short the terminal. This leads to the neutral safety switch not being able to stop the car when you start it in gear. Fixing the contacts as well as tinkering with the wiring should help you solve this.

Mercedes Benz S500 Neutral Safety Switch Maintenance of Average Joes

The Mercedes Benz' neutral safety switch is important as a precautionary feature in your vehicle. It immediately immobilizes the car whenever it detects that it is going to start in gear. Without it, you could go suddenly flying and end up in a road accident. Over time, old age, physical damage, and various forms of debris all contribute to the part's gradual wear and tear. If you want to prevent this from happening very quickly, then you would need to do some maintenance. Listed below are a few of the best tips for taking care of your neutral safety switch and ensuring its longevity:

Realign neutral safety switch as necessary.

Many of the neutral safety switch's problems come from a simple alignment problem. Check if the part is properly aligned as it is supposed to be. If not, then there is your problem right there. A neutral safety switch out of alignment would cause the car to stop the ignition process. After realigning the neutral safety switch, test it out by first using a voltmeter. This device will allow you to measure how much power is being transferred from the switch to its destination and vice versa. To begin testing, move the shifter of your car in reverse, but do not start it. Try to see if there is a flow of power. If there is, then you have successfully realigned your neutral safety switch.

Inspect wirings.

It is also important to always check the electrical connections of your vehicle to determine whether or not it needs some fixing. Focus on the contacts and see if any harm is done to them. Moisture, metal debris from internal grinding, and movement via bumping all contribute to neutral safety switch issues via the wirings. All of these could cause the contacts to cross over, which might lead to the vehicle starting even when in gear. Repair the contacts if you still can. But if not, then replacement is the only way to go. Do not worry though, for contacts are relatively cheap and would save you a fortune by just replacing them, instead of the whole part.

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