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How to Have the Proper Off-road Bumper for Your Vehicle

Protection and style - these are the things that your vehicle's bumper can offer you. As we all know it, vehicles can encounter unwanted crashes. Whether it be a simple bump on the road or a hit somewhere, your bumper can minimize the effect or damage on the other surrounding components such as the radiator. In addition, your bumper provides style in a way that it follows the natural contour of your ride for a sleeker finish. But if your bumper gets damaged or worn out, it is time to replace it. You must keep in mind that buying a bumper takes a lot of things into consideration. Listed here are things that you must remember in purchasing a new bumper for your vehicle:

Different bumpers for different adventurers

There are different types of off-road bumper that is being offered in the automotive market. Each type has different features that depend on your driving needs:

1. Grille guard bumper: This type of bumper is made extra tough with steel bars, which aim to give more protection to the grille, radiator, and light assembly of your vehicle against road debris and tree branches. However, some designs of this bumper prioritize style over durability.

2. Winch-mount bumper: The advantage of this type of bumper is that it is equipped with a winch, which is a hauling device for trailing or emergency purposes. Keep in mind that it consumes power as it is connected to a vehicle's battery or alternator.

3. Rear step bumper: This type of bumper is made to support the back area of the vehicle. The rear step bumper is made durable for a greater access to the truck bed. Moreover, it can also help with your towing and handling needs.

Other things to consider

Although you can find universal types of off-road bumper, you must consider the type of bumper that is suitable for your vehicle. For this matter, you must consult your automotive manual before making such purchase. In addition, choose the appropriate type of adapters and hardware to properly secure the off-road bumper to your vehicle.

Off-road Bumper: How to Replace It

Your vehicle is a precious investment, hence you must protect it at all times. However, it can be subject to azards every single day, which may cause it to be damaged. Hence, your ride is equipped with protective components that serve as its first line of defense just in case any unwanted crashes come up. One of these components is the bumper. It works by absorbing the impact of minor collisions that your vehicle may encounter. By doing so, other nearby components such as the headlights and radiator will be protected from possible damage. Moreover, it adds up to your vehicle's style as an exterior component. However, your bumper can have dents or an uneven surface if such collisions occur. Thus, you must know the necessary actions to be taken in order to repair the damage. Here are the steps that can guide you:

Difficulty level: Moderate

What you'll need:

  • screwdriver
  • heat gun or blow dryer
  • hot water
  • rubber gloves
  • car dent puller
  • bucket of ice water

Step 1: Using a screwdriver, loosen up and remove the fastening materials that hold your off-road bumper into place.

Step 2: In a flat surface, place your off-road bumper over a large and soft towel. This can ensure that your off-road bumper will not encounter further scratches or damage.

Step 3: Using the heat gun or blow dryer, warm up the affected area with dents for several minutes. By doing so, you can be able to push out and fix the dents away.

Step 4: You may also try to pour hot water onto the surface of your off-road bumper that is affected with dents. This can also help for pulling the dent out more easily. Use rubber gloves in the process as a safety measure.

Step 5: If there are still tiny dents that remain on your off-road bumper, you can use a car dent puller. Simply put the dent puller over the affected area for several minutes, and then wait for the dent to pop out.

Step 6: Once the dents are removed, pour a bucket of ice water over the surface to cool its temperature down after the process.

Step 7: Reinstall your off-road bumper together with its screws securely onto its mounting frame.

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