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What Is an Off-Road Light Cover and Where Do You Buy It?

Light covers or guards protect your auxiliary beams and in some cases keep them stylish. You can buy custom light cover for additional aesthetic appeal to your car. The best guards won't get broken by mere stones and sticks thanks to their thickness and the heavy-duty materials they're made of. What's more, these covers offer an extra tough when making your car, van, jeep, SUV, ATV, or RV look and feel tough. These covers preserve the condition of your beams while at the same time accentuating their beauty.

Frequently Cited Factors in Buying an Off-Road Light Cover

  1. The Meaning of Off-Road: In this context, off-road simply means it's designed for use over rough terrain. A light cover that's more for city driving usage isn't as tough and rugged as a thicker, scratch-resistant, and tank-like off-road light cover that can probably even take a baseball bat swing with its toughness. After all, when going through rugged off-road terrain filled with tire-tearing rock shards and paint-scratching plants, you want something tougher than glass or plastic.
  2. One Big Cover versus Multiple Covers: Usually, one big cover ensures you don't have to pay for a kit full of multiple covers and you essentially just have to slap the cover over your headlight and/or side lights. Multiple piece covers that includes 3 x 6 inch and 4 x 8 inch black covers for a 50 inch set ensure easy storage, easy replacement, mixing and matching amber and clear covers together, and light feature enhancement you can't get from one big cover alone.
  3. Benefits to Look Out For: Your off-road light cover should preserve the condition of your sensitive beams with its toughness while also having the advantage of accentuating its light. The cover should be transparent enough to make sure the light shines through yet thick enough to act like a shield that ensures the bulb's safety. Designer covers are more for ornamentation and durable chip and pit concentrates on protection. You can have both aspects in one cover, though.
  4. The Specs: A good light cover should be made of the right materials, like a polycarbonate colored product that snaps directly on the LED light bars of your vehicle. They typically come in clear, black, and amber colors. The amber lens variant in particular helps you see through dusty roads. The black cover helps out those who have issues with law enforcement regarding exposure of their off-road lights. Clear covers ensure perfect lighting every time.
  5. Measurement Concerns: Since headlights, taillights, and side lights all vary from one car design to another, you want something that fits perfectly and can protect or accentuate your light as perfectly as possible. Pay attention to the measurement specs of the individual light covers you're considering to buy then match it the available space on your off-road ride.

The Bottom Line of Buying an Off-Road Light Cover

If your light covers are cracked, it's quite easy to buy a replacement through the Internet. Online solutions are quite dependable when it comes to offering a menagerie of off-road light cover options. You should specifically look for light covers that are thicker than usual to ensure off-road performance, have right color, possess the correct fitment and measurement, and perfectly replaces the cover you've lost for superior LED protection.

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