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Mazda Millenia Oil Cooler Seal

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Mazda Millenia Oil Cooler Seal Guides

Diagnosing Common Concerns with Your Mazda Millenia Oil Cooler Seal

There is a smaller radiator coming from the engine's main radiator that cools the oil and maintains its temperature at an optimal value. This is called an oil cooler, and it is one of the most essential parts of a car's cooling system. Without it, oil can get too hot, break down, and lose its lubricating properties prematurely-along with its cooling abilities, of course. Your Mazda Millenia oil cooler seal helps maintain oil temperature between 180 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It does this by keeping oil on one side of the cooling system and dirt on the other. When it fails, there is a noticeable drop in the car's performance. Listed here are some ways to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with your oil cooler seal:

There is a white mixture in the coolant tank.

When you see a white milkshake-looking mixture forming in the coolant tank, it means you have a leak somewhere in your cooling system. Although this could also be the result of a failing head gasket, it's usually a broken oil cooler seal that's causing the problem. The presence of the mixture could mean oil has made its way into the coolant tank. This does not pose great and immediate danger but can be very messy and hard to clean. Over time, however, the coolant will make its way into the oil system and may cause further damage to the other car parts. The engine cannot run with coolant present in the oil system.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix a busted oil cooler seal-it needs to be replaced immediately. To inspect for damage, locate the seal. It is placed between the engine block's mounting flange and the oil cooler itself. Check if it is cracked after removing the coolant hose. Note that the cooling system needs to be flushed after replacing the seal.

Oil spills out the driveway whenever you start your car.

You're in a big hurry and you feel you won't make it to your meeting in time. You start your car and drive as fast as you can. When you get home you notice there are small oil spills on your driveway. This could be attributed to a broken seal, which might be causing a leak. In this case, the oil does not go directly into the coolant tank, but drips directly to the ground.

Maintaining Your Mazda Millenia Oil Cooler Seal in Top Shape

Are you noticing that there have recently been a lot of small oil spills on your driveway? You may not notice it at first, but if the problem persists, it might be time to check your oil cooler seal for damage. Oil does not only lubricate engine components, but it also acts as a heat absorber. The oil cooling system, usually placed in front of a radiator, dissipates heat from hot oil, lowering its temperature. The oil cooler seal acts as a gasket, filling the space between the engine block and the oil cooler. It cannot serve its function well if it's cracked or worn out. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your Mazda Millenia oil cooler seal in top shape:

Apply a light coat of clean oil to the oil cooler seal.

If it's not yet time to change your oil, but you want to make sure your oil cooler seal is cared for, apply some oil to the seal. Do this whenever you're doing overall car maintenance. This will reduce friction caused by the engine block's mounting flange and the oil cooler itself, components that rub themselves constantly against the seal.

Flush the cooling system thoroughly.

If you found a white milkshake-like solution in the coolant reservoir, flush the cooling system thoroughly. However, it's also advisable to perform a flush regularly and not just when you start experiencing problems. Doing so will ensure that rust and scale deposits are removed, creating a clean system that is beneficial for the oil cooling system components. This will prevent deposits from causing overheating or damaging your oil cooling seal.

Change your engine's oil on a regular basis.

You know that regular oil changes help keep car engines clean. This benefit extends to the oil cooler system, too. One of the cooling system components that is taken care of when clean oil passes through it is the oil cooler seal. It becomes well-lubricated by clean oil. Old, dirty oil may be contaminated with microscopic wear and very small flakes from various engine parts. These particles can get damage the seal over time.

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