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Now, with the aid of modern technology, you can make performance improvements to your engine that, in the past, took an expert mechanic hours under the hood and a bit of experimentation and specialized knowledge to achieve, and you can achieve these improvements in mere minutes with a Chevy performance chip. There are a variety of Chevy performance chip types, designed for different years and models, as well as for varying degrees of performance. Some of the highest performing chips are meant for engines that have already had specific performance modifications, so you'll have to pay attention to detail when ordering your Chevy performance chip. The Chevy performance chip meant for a basically stock engine makes significantly more horsepower available to your vehicle by adjusting the various system settings, those controlled by the main computer of your vehicle, which, in turn, makes your engine run much more efficiently, helping to maximize its power potentials. After the easy and almost effortless installation of a Chevy performance chip, the air-to-fuel ratio will be adjusted, as well as the timing of your ignition and other aspects of your combustion system. The shift points of your automatic transmission will also be adjusted, enabling it to make the most of the horsepower that has been freed up by the new system efficiencies. The RPM and speed limitations will also be adjusted by the Chevy performance chip, but you won't be risking damage to your engine, as the Chevy performance chip will not allow that to occur. You can place your Chevy performance chip order online, using our secure site, or you can make a quick toll-free phone call and place your order directly with one of our customer service specialists.

FAQs—Chevrolet Performance Module and Chip

  1. What's the key difference between a control module-type performance chip and a power programmer?

The performance module and power programmer basically work the same way. Both performance tuners adjust the settings and information sent to the ECU, maxing out the potential of the vehicle. Some changes can be made on the air-fuel ratio, spark timing, and other critical functions and details through the control module. With the power programmer, a series of questions are asked to determine the best performance modifications and options according to driving habits and preferences. The main difference is that the control module is set between the car's sensors and ECU and stays installed into the electrical system. The power programmer, meanwhile, is a plug-and-play device. It doesn't stay hooked. Once the changes or modifications have been entered through the device and have been communicated to the ECU, the power programmer can be unplugged.

  1. What are the advantages of using the Chevrolet performance module and chip? How does it improve performance?

The performance module and chip is basically designed to unlock the vehicle's full potential. This aftermarket upgrade can boost the performance of the vehicle through increased torque and power. It can also improve the MPG or gas mileage. The performance module and chip lets you squeeze better performance out of the vehicle by altering the preset functions, levels, and limits of the ECU since these are set with the average driver in mind. Through the modifications, this tuner is able to increase the vehicle's efficiency. Aside from fuel economy, it can also make the needed adjustments in spark timing for increased engine performance.

  1. Do performance modules and power programmers offer the same results? Which is better?

Basically, these tuners are geared toward improving the overall performance of the vehicle by unleashing its potential. This is done by modifying the settings or preset functions and levels on the ECU. Actual results, however, may vary. This largely depends on the demands and preferences of the driver. The modifications and customizations done for enhanced vehicle performance will be based on the available options and what the user have chosen among the settings. Both types of tuners work, although they differ in how they're used. Tuners from different brands may also offer a varied set of features for customizations. While some are after increased fuel efficiency or horsepower gains, other users zero in on adjusting the transmission shift firmness and engine rev limits. To find out which is best for your needs and demands, just check out the specs and features of each tuning product, be it a performance module or a power programmer.

  1. If a car performance chip is used to upgrade the vehicle performance and gain more horsepower, will this have a negative effect on the drivetrain?

The performance chip squeezes out more power from the engine by optimizing the fuel ratio or ignition timing. It basically unlocks untapped power. The impact of the chip on the horsepower and engine output doesn't necessarily affect the drive train of the vehicle. The chip can even correct some inconsistencies when it comes to the air-fuel ratio. It can even improve fuel efficiency by monitoring the ratio. This can be enjoyed fully if the vehicle is free from mechanical issues.

  1. Will improved performance brought about by the performance module and chip cause increased engine wear?

If you'll be using a performance module and chip, you're basically pushing the vehicle to the limits, letting it live out to its full potential. You have to keep up with the maintenance needs of the vehicle as you demand more from its performance. The module and chip is designed with performance enthusiasts in mind, not the average driver. To prevent engine wear or any mechanical issues, regular inspection and tune-up would be best.

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