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The Toyota performance chip is a fine example of the ease and convenience that modern technologies can bring to the automotive industry. This small, so simple to use accessory, the Toyota performance chip, can do in minutes what it used to take hours of tinkering underneath the vehicle to achieve. To achieve those gains in the past, in addition to being willing to devote hours under the hood, you also had to have sophisticated mechanical knowledge, but with the Toyota performance chip, all you need is a few minutes and a screwdriver. You don't have to know much more than how to plug the Toyota performance chip in and that when you insert and turn your key, the vehicle starts -- absolutely no sophisticated mechanical knowledge necessary to achieve the performance gains that the chip delivers in just minutes. Once you install the Toyota performance chip, you'll enjoy gains in horsepower and torque, your combustion timing and air-to-fuel ratio will be adjusted to the most efficient and power producing levels, your rev level will be increased, and shifting points for an automatic transmission will be adjusted. And, these are just the improvements that are common to most Toyota performance chip types, ones of varying performance levels are available, and these will have their own individual qualities as well. The Toyota performance chip is an affordable means of making your vehicle perform to its higher potentials and it is hard to beat the pure convenience of making such improvements. Our online catalog features an array of Toyota performance chip options, and you're sure to find one that suits your vehicle and your performance goals. You can order your Toyota performance chip using our online ordering system, well encrypted for your complete protection, or you can place your order with a toll-free telephone call.

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