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The Isuzu performance pulley is designed to reduce the draw of power on your engine by the many accessories your vehicle is equipped with, leaving more of that engine power available to be transmitted to the wheels for better vehicle performance. Some models of the Isuzu performance pulley use a larger diameter to accomplish this, allowing them to drive the accessories more slowly to consume less engine power. Other Isuzu performance pulley types are simply made of lighter materials, the difference in their weight making their rotation draw less power from the engine to perform at the same level as the stock pulley. Most combine both the larger size and lighter weight to reduce the draw of power, allowing the accessories to operate efficiently while allowing more power to be used by the drive wheels. The increase in power transmitted to the drive wheels can be as much as fifteen horsepower, quite substantial for such a simple upgrade. If you are interested in reducing the power used by all of the vehicle accessories for that maximum power upgrade, Isuzu performance pulley kits are available, including a complete set of high performance pulleys and the custom belts to power them. Each Isuzu performance pulley can be purchased separately if you prefer to pick and choose which accessories you use them with, perhaps allowing the alternator to continue to rotate quicker, but reducing the power sent to other accessories. Our online catalog features a great selection of Isuzu performance pulley options, making it easy to purchase just the right ones to enhance your vehicle. Our great prices and expert customer service will make ordering your Isuzu performance pulley quick and convenient whether you use our secure site or our toll-free phone line.

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