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Choosing the Right Pet Pad for Your Pet Pals

If you'll bring your cuddly pets along for a trip inside your car, they can get a bit messy and soil the interior. You can clean it afterwards, but next time it will become a pain in the neck. Luckily, there are pet pads that can cover the seats and the floor of your car. Read on to know the different pet pads that's good for your vehicle.

Different types of pet pads

There are several types of pet pads available in the market today. Here's a list of the common types and a short description of how they work:

  • Backseat bridge
  • This type of pet pad covers the back seat and extends behind the front seats where it is hooked at the head rests. The backseat bridge pet pad helps your pet stretch out, and some types even have cup holders, so your four-legged friend can enjoy a sip of water.

  • Bucket seat
  • A bucket seat pet pad is very similar to a normal seat cover. You should select this type of pet pad if you want your pet in the passenger seat as your copilot.

  • Bench seat
  • If you want your pet sitting in the middle seat so you could focus on driving, then a bench seat pet pad is a good choice. You can choose a type of bench seat that covers the only bottom portion or the entire middle seat.

  • Hammock seat
  • A hammock seat pet pad covers the most space among the other pet pads. It's a variation of the bench seat, and the difference is that the hammock stretches out behind the front seats.

Features to consider

Since you already have an idea with the types of pet pads, it's time for you to check the features you have to consider:

  • Durability
  • Check if the pet pad is waterproof. This is the first thing you have to know. A cover on top of your car seat is good, but when it gets wet, you can't actually tell where it will drip. The next thing you have to know is if the pet pad is scratch resistant. It will be painful to realize that only after a few trips the pet pad is already torn to pieces.

  • Size
  • Determine where you'll place your pet, and check the size of the pet pad you'll need. A bench seat cover or a hammock is good in the middle, while a bucket seat is best in front. Make sure that it fits perfectly or it will roll off and make your pet slip.

Steps in Attaching and Maintaining Your Pet Pad

Fancy seat covers will definitely make your car's interior look good, but once your pet jumps in, it wouldn't be so pretty afterwards. Protect your seats from paw prints and poop, and cover them with a pet pad that fits easily just like your seat cover. Read on to know how to install and maintain a pet pad in just a few steps.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools needed:

  • New pet pad

Step 1: Detach the head rest off from the seat.

Step 2: Fit the back part of the pet pad on the seat, and make sure that it's aligned well to the seat's shape. Do the same for the bottom part of the pet pad. Remember that the pet pad should cover as much space of the seat.

Step 3: Locate the straps of the pet pad, and connect them. Tighten the straps to ensure the pet pad fits perfectly and won't just fall off.

Step 4: Take the top straps of the pet pad, and place them on around the head rest. Attach the head rest afterwards. Do the same procedure for the middle seat if you have a bench or a hammock type pet pad.

This installation is very easy that you'll be finished in a jiffy. Now, if your pet has shed hair on his pet pad, it's important to keep it clean. Here are a few steps on how to remove pet hair on the pet pad.

Tools needed:

  • Clean towel
  • Car vacuum
  • Lint roller
  • Dryer sheets

Step 1: Take the dryer sheets, and wipe the area of the seat that contains hair. These sheets will reduce the static coming from your pet's hair, so it's easier to remove.

Step 2: Use the car vacuum to remove any visible hair and dirt on the car seats.

Step 3: Wipe the area with the clean towel. It is better to dampen it so it can remove more hair on the seat.

Step 4: Remove any visible hair that remained with the lint roller.

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