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Diagnose a Non-functional Radiator Fan like a Pro

Pretty sure you are aware that the radiator fan cools the radiator and prevents your Jeep Comanche from overheating. What probably puzzles you is why it is not working despite several attempts to turn the car engine on and off; in high hopes that a wire was simply tangled and will soon magically fix itself. Fear not, this article is here to save the day! Read on and diagnose your non-functional radiator fan like a pro.

Visual inspection is key.

You have probably heard this before, but let us remind you again: visual inspection is always the first step in knowing what's wrong with your car. Make sure that it is indeed the radiator fan that is causing your overheating problems. Lift the hood up and monkey around the wires, do not remove anything especially if you do not know which wires goes to which plugs. Pretty certain that the radiator fan is not working? Look for the most obvious signs of wire tangles; untangle them by hand if there are any, and everything will pretty much be restored to order.

Check the relay and the cooling temp sensor.

The problem might also be because you recently changed the relay and the cooling temp sensor. The sensor sends the message that tells the radiator fan when to kick on and off; if the newly replaced part is not suitable for your cooling system, it will very likely be giving mixed signals to the radiator fan. It may be that the sensor is not calibrated to tell which level of heat is bearable, or too much, for your engine to take.

Monitor the coolant level.

It may seem unnecessary to check the coolant level of your car, since it is not immediately in contact with the radiator fan; but, if the coolant level is below the minimum level, it could very well be the reason why your ride is overheating. Besides, without sufficient coolant, the cooling system tends to slack off-causing your engine inadequate ventilation.

Check the fan clutch.

The fan clutch mounts the radiator fan assembly to the engine; it also makes its rotating activity possible. If the fan clutch is burned out, or any of its assembly is corroded, you will need to replace it immediately to get you right back on track.

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