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RetroBelt USA: Giving Your Classic Car that Added Safety

Seat belts were not standard equipment in automobiles until Volvo did so in 1958. That is why, most American cars before were not equipped with seat belts. Now, RetroBelt USA has tapped into auto restoration with its own seat belts. Its safety equipment is designed for easy integration to your hot rod's theme.

Aviation style for automotive safety

RetroBelt incorporates design cues from aviation seat belts. It is a nice and classy touch to your classic's interior. Aside from those pieces, you can select from a variety of belt colors to match the swatches of your interior.

Classic look, modern capabilities

There are different seat belt formats offered in the RetroBelt USA line-up. You can choose from retractable belts, shoulder belts, lap belts, to four-point seat belts without the risk of looking too modern for your restomod.

Lap belts the complete the vintage feel without sacrificing safety

Prior to making seatbelts the standard requirement for automotive safety, the first seatbelt designs were the lap belts. These strips of durable material anchors themselves at the base of the seats then spread across bucket and bench seats. You would see these contraptions usually attached in vehicles manufactured until the late '60s. But during that time, only a few models showcased them. If you are keen in preserving the look very close to the how things were in the golden age of American automobiles, then you can opt for the lap belts. They may not offer the best protection for you during unwanted collisions, but it will be able to restrain you on your seat. Rest assured that these are made to meet the federal motor vehicle safety standards. So you can be assured that there is no compromise for your safety. You can choose from a number of webbing colors to match the interior of your vehicle or to complement your intended theme. To further tickle your fancy, the RetroBelt lap belts are offered with aviation style buckles for the much deserved art-deco kind of feel to your vehicle.

Four-point harness for extra protection and appeal

When you are driving a high-powered hot rod, you might want to invest on reinforced harnesses. The RetroBelt four-point harness can provide extra protection for you by keeping more parts of your body retrained during sudden movements and jerks brought about by your vehicle. the assembly uses Grade 5 mounting hardware to ensure maximum safety during collisions. It also adds an extra appeal to your vehicle as it give off the mean street machine vibe. However, this is only an advanced driver and passenger restraint system. You should not mistake it for a racing harness.

Retractable shoulder belts for modern safety and comfort

Vehicles these days are equipped with retractable seatbelts that are easily adjusted and pulled when needed. These models are more convenient to have around because they tuck away. It is offered in four color options to go along with the theme of your interior. Despite the modern set-up, it uses chrome aviation style buckles and belt ends to a classy look.

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