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Mitsubishi Diamante Shock Absorber

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Shock and "Oh!": Knowing Mitsubishi Diamante Shock Absorber Problems

The Mitsubishi Diamante's independent suspension system gives you superior control and a smooth, comfortable ride. But even your tough shock absorbers will eventually give in to wear and tear. Some recommend inspecting your shock absorbers every 12 months or 12,000 miles. Worn-out shock absorbers will lead you to experience a variety of car problems. By knowing these problems and their causes, you can spend less time being surprised and more time being ready.

Uneven tire wear

Shock absorbers have internal oil cylinders (or air cylinders in some cases) that dampen spring oscillations and keep your car from bouncing around. This function not only gives you a more comfortable ride, it also increases road traction. When shock absorbers fail, this traction is reduced, causing the tires to wear unevenly. Upon inspection, you may notice that the tread on your tires is more worn on the outer edges than down the middle. This is an indication of worn shock absorbers.

Loud clunking or rattling sound

You may notice a loud clunking coming from the front of your car when going over speed bumps. This points to a lack of lubrication in your suspension system. This causes suspension components to rub against each other and wear out. Check if your struts and shock absorbers are sufficiently greased. If the grease is not a problem, it could be a lack of suspension fluid. A rattling noise could also be caused by loose shock absorbers or worn-out suspension bushings. Examine the amount of grease and suspension fluid, the quality of the bushings, and make sure the shocks are tight. Only after ruling out these causes should you consider replacing your shock absorbers.

Rough, bumpy ride and control issues

When driving feels harder and more raw than usual, then your shock absorbers are probably worn out and need replacing. A clear sign is when your car bounces up and down excessively after going over a speed bump. This means your shock absorbers are failing in their primary function of controlling the up-and-down movement of your suspension springs. The excessive bouncing may feel amusing at first, but by causing your wheels to lose contact and traction with the ground, it can cause dangerous handling issues. Your car will be slow to respond to your steering efforts. You can test your car in your own garage by pushing down on each corner and releasing it. If your car bounces more than once, then you will need new shocks.

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