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Key Factors to Consider in a New Side Trim Panel Assembly

Side trim panel assemblies are found on the sides of your vehicle, and they complete the exterior look and feel of your ride. They are normally taken for granted due to their minimal to zero role in making your vehicle move. But once damaged, these side trim panels can be an eyesore, especially when the daily wear and tear greatly manifest on the assemblies. Purchasing new assemblies to replace the old or damaged ones are as easy as 1, 2, and 3 once you have identified the factors to consider when looking for better-quality side trim panel assemblies.

Choosing the right finish

The finish of a new side trim panel assembly varies depending on the manufacturer. It can be primered while some are polished. The advantage of buying the primered assembly is that it allows you to paint the surface the color that matches your vehicle's exterior. It also enables for the paint to stick longer to the assembly surface, making this finish perfect for DIY vehicle enthusiasts.

The polished side trim panel assembly, on the other hand, is the better choice for those who settle for the polished finish on their car's exteriors. This, however, entails that the color of the assembly you will purchase should already match the paint on your vehicle.

Finding the perfect fit

Vehicle parts come in different shapes and sizes, and this simply means that the side trim panel assembly on your vehicle will not exactly fit other makes and models. Knowing the right size and part for your model is therefore essential when buying replacement assemblies.

Moreover, it is important that the new assemblies come with the correct mounting clips and points for easy installation. Look for the most suitable assembly that provides direct fit and complete fittings to ensure a smooth feel in your vehicle's exteriors.

Balancing out quality and cost

Finding the best value for the side trim panel assembly is only possible when the quality of the assembly and the fees charged are taken into consideration. This is also where the distinction between purchasing aftermarket and refurbished side trim panel assemblies matter. Keep in mind that while refurbished assemblies will cost less, they may, however, fail to achieve the look and feel the original products give.

Other factors to consider:

Side trim panels are prone to scratches. While some can just be hairline scratches, which can be remedied, instances of stubborn marks that are deeply engraved on the surface are inevitable. If so, purchasing a new assembly is advised.

If aftermarket side trim panels are unavailable, the OE replacement assemblies can get the job done, provided that they have the right size and fit for your vehicle.

Even if the original mounting points are still in good condition, it is better to use the clips and connectors that come with the new side trim panel assembly.

Newly bought assemblies will still be subject to wear and tear, so proper maintenance is essential to keep the part in top condition for years.

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