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The Dos and Don’ts when Getting a Spark Plug Tube Seal Set

Aside from air and fuel, the engine also needs a well-timed spark in order to generate power right inside the combustion chamber. However, if the spark plug tube is leaking fluid due to a broken seal, this can create trouble under the hood. In some cases, faulty seals cause the tubes to be filled with oil. This leads to the engine misfiring and performing poorly, even compromising fuel economy. A busted seal doesn't have to turn into a much bigger problem. You can always order a spark plug tube seal set to fix it.

What to do

  • DO look for a seal that's made out of top-grade materials. It should be constructed and designed to be heavy-duty so that the seals can withstand the wear and tear due to the harsh environment it's exposed to under the hood. Even with extreme heat, pressure, and high-voltage electricity, the seals shouldn't break easily or come loose. Check the product specs and features to get a better idea of the part's quality. Don't just focus on the fit and price. Invest in premium-grade automotive products. With a tough seal, you can save money from costly spark plug repairs and ignition system checks.
  • DO check if the seal set is made according to OE specs. The seal should be compatible with the spark plug design. It should be able to fit into the tube without further modifications or adjustments. The right fit will ensure that the seal can protect the tube and prevent fluid leak. Search for a seal set that's made for a specific make, model, and year of the vehicle. This will save you time when shopping and help you narrow down the search quickly as you go through other options.
  • DO shop around to get the best deals. If you want to find the best prices, look through the list of brands and check their product offerings to see which ones offer better features and meet the requirements. Aftermarket parts aren't poor in quality. This is a common misconception. Some actually come with improved designs for enhanced performance, quality, or function. Manufacturers that specialize in spark plug products or ignition parts can be a good source of quality replacement parts.

What not to do

  • DON'T buy and install spark tube seals right away without first checking the source of the leak from the tube or spark plug and inspecting other related parts that may be causing spark plug problems or engine troubles. If you fail to make the right diagnosis or carry out the necessary inspection, you may not be able to solve the problem simply by replacing the seals.
  • DON'T order parts without checking what's included in the set. Know how many seals are in the kit. Also check the offered warranty for this and the recommended applications, along with other specs.
  • DON'T just focus on the low price. Don't compromise product quality just to get a bargain. There are stores that offer top-quality products at competitive prices. You just have to look around.

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