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Have you ever dreamt of having a race car? Well, many people do, but most of them just dismiss the idea as something that is simply unachievable. The few who really want their dreams achieved would work hard for it. Sometimes, though, one won't have to work so hard to be able to have his own race car. And if you own a Buick Regal, especially one from the 1980s, then you don't even have to work for your dream, for the Buick Regal is in itself a true race car. Should it not look like the real thing to you, you can make it look like one by equipping it with Buick Regal spoilers.

The Buick Regal was introduced in 1973 as a mid-size personal luxury car. In the 1980s, however, Buick Regal models became smaller and faster, making them worthy to be called high-performance cars. In fact, from 1981 to 1987, many Buick Regal models were entered as race cars on many race events. Most notable of these models are the Buick Regal T-Type, Buick Regal Grand National and the Buick Regal GNX, all of which competed in NASCAR races. This is the reason why up until today, Buick Regal models from the 80s are looked up to as capable race cars.

Now, what can spoilers do to give the Buick Regal a real race car appearance? Originally, spoilers were used only for racing applications. Performance spoilers are aerodynamic components that can enhance the performance of race cars by redirecting the airflow around the vehicle, in effect decreasing the vehicle's lift and drag and increasing its downforce.

Today, you can find spoilers that are available not only for sports cars but also for ordinary street cars. While these components may have no or little effect on the vehicle's aerodynamics, it nonetheless makes the vehicle look more stylish and sportier.

There are a variety of spoilers available for your Buick Regal that can make it look like the race car it should really be. Buick Regal front spoilers (or air dam) can make your car look aggressive upfront while rear spoilers (or wings) can make it look extremely stylish from behind. Again, these components are for cosmetic purposes only. Anyway, your Buick Regal won't need a performance spoiler as it is already performing amazingly.

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