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Adding new auto parts and accessories to your car is the easiest way to enhance its over all performance and style. The spoiler or wings is one of the most commonly used add-ons nowadays not only because of the boosting effect that it can give but also of the positive changes in performance that can make the car a stand out from among the rest. A Dodge Neon spoiler can give this effect especially if it is paired with other restyling accessories and add-ons like body kits, ground effects kit, stickers, emblems and a lot more.

As a performance part, car spoilers can give greater speed and improved road grip which is of great help especially if the vehicle is to be used for racing purposes. Spoilers or wings are originally crafted for racing purposes to easily achieve increased speed without adding much weight on the car. Vehicles on the racing track may tend to slip off especially if the track is slippery or filled with sharp twists and turns. With spoilers in place, more powerful road grip is achieved which can prevent such effects. It can be mounted either on the rear or front section of the car. Spoilers installed in front are called air dam.

There are several varieties of spoilers available in the market and among them are Dodge Neon spoilers. Color, design and style are available in wide array to go with the distinct style and features of various car types including non Dodge makes. Color tones can affect the over all appear of the car. Spoilers with the same color tone as that of the car looks as if it is an inherent part of the car's body. Installation is easy but it is also dependent on the features and specs of the vehicle.

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