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The Plymouth Neon is a compact car (smaller than a midsize car but larger than a subcompact car, and usually have wheelbases between 2.54 meters and 2,67 meters, and an interior volume between 100 cubic feet and 109 cubic feet) from the DaimlerChrysler Corporation, specifically under the Plymouth marque. Basically, the Plymouth Neon is a four door sedan or two-door coupe equipped with a 2.0-liter in-line four engine assembly, and uses a transmission of either the three speed automatic, or five speed manual options.

Plymouth vehicles such as the Plymouth Neon, because of its inherent quality overall performance and totality, became one of the most exciting make and model to accessorize. One way to put a different touch to vehicle is through the use of spoilers. There came a time when spoilers were exclusively used for the racing or sports vehicles only, but because other car owners were amazed by the altered look that spoilers can bring to a vehicle, they were enticed to also use such thing on their regular automobiles.

Basically, spoilers like the Plymouth Neon spoilers, are aerodynamic devices mounted or installed to an automobile to decrease lift, decrease drag, or increase the amount of force pushing the vehicle's tires downward to give a downforce. These spoilers are designed to boost the performance of race and high-performance sports cars by disrupting the airflow going over these cars to help racing cars have a from traction of wheels against the road surface. An increase in traction can allow a vehicle in motion to brake, turn and accelerate more aggressively without slippage which is very ideal for Plymouth Neon vehicles.

There are different kinds of spoilers available in the automotive market nowadays. They are not only offered to address the needs of racing sports cars but also the needs of regular or ordinary automobiles. Wing spoiler, lid spoiler, roof spoiler and splitter are just some of the most common types of automotive spoilers you can get for your Plymouth Neon car.

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May 04, 2019
Ralph Reschke turns junkyard Plymouths into classicsReschkes love for the 55 Plymouth started when he was a kid in Sabetha, Kan. He bought a 1955 Belvedere when he was farming with his dad one year after graduating from high school. That car left such a memory that he has re-created it.
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