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16362 OE Replacement Starter, Remanufactured
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  • 1967 - 1971 BMW 1602 Base 4 Cyl 1.6L
Product Details
Series : QB PremiumQuantity Sold : Sold individuallyRecommended Use : OE ReplacementProduct Fit : Direct FitCondition : RemanufacturedStarter Design : DD Starter DesignProduct Color/Finish : Factory FinishTooth Quantity : 9 TeethIncludes : With complimentary 24/7 Quality-Built (QB) Roadside Assistance Program (RAP)Replaces OE Number : 16362, 0-001-314-001, 0-001-31Anticipated Ship Out Time : 6-7 business daysWarranty : Lifetime Quality-Built limited warranty
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