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Common Symptoms of a Defective Honda CRX Steering Rack

The Honda CRX steering rack is a major component of the steering system, which enables the car to move to certain directions. It gives you the ability to direct your vehicle to whichever way you want without causing sudden movements that could be dangerous on the road. The steering rack uses the force from the steering wheel to commence movement on the wheels of your Honda CRX and keep it moving steadily. However, there will surely come a time when your steering rack becomes faulty. And when this happens, it's better to know the symptoms so you would know what to do. Here are some:

Steering difficulty

If you have a defective steering rack, the first part that will be greatly affected would definitely be the steering wheel. Most of the time, a defect on the steering rack also signifies damage on the pinion because these parts work together. It becomes difficult for the rack and pinion to convert the force coming from the steering system, and make the wheels move forward. As a result, the steering wheel feels loose and it gets harder for drivers to maneuver the CRX to various directions. When the steering rack of your Honda CRX is malfunctioning, you will also notice changes on your steering wheel mostly in the morning. It is more difficult to control the car through the steering wheel at the beginning of the day, and it also doesn't go back to its original position each time you make a turn.

Worn-out tires

Another common symptom of a busted steering rack is having worn-out tires almost all the time. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons that could cause tire wear, but the results are somewhat different when it is caused by a defective steering rack. The tires of your Honda CRX will get uneven, with one side being more worn out than the other parts of the tires.

Persistent noise

You may also hear constant noise in your car whenever you drive, and this can be a good indicator that there is something wrong with your steering rack. There will be a persistent clacking or thudding sound on the CRX, and the best way to address this is by having your car checked by an expert mechanic and replacing the steering rack right away.

Simple and Effective Ways to Keep Your Honda CRX Steering Rack Working Well

Keeping your Honda CRX steering rack in good working condition is one of the best ways to get a premium performance from your car. Just like any other car part, regular maintenance for the steering rack is highly advisable because it lessens the possibility of damage on your steering system, most especially the rack and pinion. For easy and effective ways to keep your car's steering rack in tiptop form, here are some things you can do:

Regular inspection

Follow a fixed schedule.

To prevent certain problems from occurring, it is very important that you pay attention to every detail of your car, including the steering rack. Once you notice significant changes in the way it looks and works, then there must be something wrong with the rack or the assembly.

Have it checked by an expert from time to time.

side from the regular cleaning and inspection you perform, it would also be of great help to have your car's steering rack checked by an automotive specialist every once in a while, especially if you are not very familiar with the inner workings of your Honda CRX.

Proper cleaning and maintenance

Use the right cleaning tools.

The steering rack may not entirely be exposed to dirt and grime, but there are still instances when water and other particles infiltrate the assembly. And if not removed right away, they could cause problems on your steering rack. To avoid this, use the right cleaning materials all the time. If you have to dislodge the steering rack from the assembly, do so very carefully so as to avoid bigger problems due to broken parts.

Lubricate the rack and pinion when necessary.

Since it is made from metal and is in constant contact with the pinion, your Honda CRX steering rack may require an effective lubricant to keep the movement between the rack and the pinion smooth. You can use any kind of oil or lubricant specially made for automobiles, which may also be used to remove signs of corrosion.

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