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Auto Parts Shopping 101: Know Your Steering Wheel Knob

A steering wheel knob is a driving-assist accessory for steering. Installed on the steering wheel itself, this knob can help you turn the wheel faster with less effort. This is very common for old cars at a time when power steering wasn't a standard feature. Rarely will you see knobs on modern cars. For special cases, it may be necessary to equip one on your car. Here are a few things to think about when buying a steering wheel knob.

Knob styles

There are many styles of knobs to choose from. Here are a few of those:

  1. Basic: This steering wheel knob is made of a simple, steady, and solid knob attached to the steering wheel via a clamp. This has a knob that spins as you turn the wheel, allowing you to have a steady grip on the knob the whole turn. There is nothing too fancy or flashy with this as practicality is the priority.
  2. Fancy: This has drawings, designs, and other visual treats to add more style to the basic knob. At times, it may not look like a knob at all. You can find fancy knobs that look like a revolver cylinder, a roulette, an 8-ball, and many more.
  3. Handicap: Technically, this style does not look like knobs anymore. Rather, these are extensions on the wheel for people amputated, arthritic, or with any other limb issues. They still have a similar function to the basic steering knob.

Legal considerations

Since today's cars are easier to turn because of power steering, there is no need to install this accessory. The knob is only an invitation to steer with one hand only ? this is contrary to safe driving practices. Cars with a steering wheel knob are seen as a threat and an accident waiting to happen. Because of this, police pull over drivers using them.

However, authorities allow the use of knobs for people with suffering from a disability like an amputation or weak limb. Also, if your car is a restored classic model, you might get away with steering with a knob. The issuing of a ticket is at the officer's discretion.

At the end of the day, to be safe, use both hands to steer the wheel properly. Use a knob only if you have too.

Easy Steering Wheel Knob Installation and Care

A steering wheel knob is one of the easiest car accessories to install. With the help of this knob, you can easily make sharp turns while using less energy. Other than that, this can also be for handicap drivers limited to using only one hand. Follow this quick guide to put one on your car.

Knob installation

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Steering wheel knob

Step 1: Park your car on a level surface. Make sure the wheels are straight. Pick an accessible and comfortable spot on your steering wheel where you would want to place the steering wheel knob.

Step 2: Grab the knob and place it on the steering wheel. Put on the knob's wheel clamp and tighten its screws as tight as your hand can go.

Step 3: While the knob is loose, do a final check on where exactly you want to put the knob. Once you are satisfied, fully tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Install any other parts that may come with your steering wheel knob to secure it in place.

Step 4: Once the knob is installed, run the engine to test the steering. It is important that you get a good feel of steering by the knob. Put the car on neutral, engage the emergency brake, and try turning the wheel fully to the left, then to the right.

Step 5: Drive very slowly and carefully. Do not make sudden movements to make sure you are always in control of your car. Take as much time as you need.

Step 6: With enough practice, you'll be able to drive on a normal pace, and be very confident of being able to handle steering with the knob.

The installation will only take about 5 minutes.

Knob care

Overtime, the steering wheel knob will get old and dirty due to all the times it is held. Caring and cleaning these knobs is very simple, and does not require you to remove the knob from the wheel.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools needed:

  • Dry rag
  • Cleaning agent (soap flakes, CD cleaner, polisher)
  • Filler
  • Phillips screwdriver

Step 1: Put enough of the cleaning agent on a dry rag. Give your rub a good polish by vigorously rubbing it.

Step 2: For old and cracked knobs, you can fill these gaps with some filler.

Step 3: If the knob feels loose, retighten with the screwdriver.

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