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The Chrysler strut bar is a custom accessory built to add stability to your vehicle steering and handling. Functioning as a dampener in the suspension system, the Chrysler strut bar helps to moderate the movement of the suspension parts, working to control bounce by providing resistance against the motion of the shocks and coil springs. The Chrysler strut bar also helps to give the vehicle some added support of it weight, providing structural support to the vehicle suspension. Another advantage given by the Chrysler strut bar is reduced flex in the chassis of the vehicle, provided by connecting the body at the shock towers for added stiffness in the suspension, creating better handling and performance. The addition of the Chrysler strut bar to your vehicle suspension will significantly reduce body roll and increase handling response, giving the vehicle more agile steering and control, and increased stability. The Chrysler strut bar is manufactured in several types, some constructed of stainless steel, or carbon steel for sturdy long lasting function, and others made with aluminum or titanium to provide the same level of performance with a lighter weight. Most variations of the Chrysler strut bar are quite easy to install, requiring no modification to bolt onto your vehicle and will work well with the factory installed suspension parts. Our user-friendly online catalog offers a selection of quality Chrysler strut bar options, all at very reasonable prices. Our site is secure and efficient for safe and easy ordering or if you prefer to order by phone, our toll-free line is available for your convenience. Our order processing is fast and efficient, having your Chrysler strut bar ready quickly to be shipped right to your door.

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