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SuedeMat is a trusted brand in the automotive industry that manufactures products of unmatched quality. SuedeMat employs the latest technologies in developing innovative solutions for the repair and replacement needs of car owners. With an extensive product line that consists of premium parts and accessories, SuedeMat is recognized as an esteemed manufacturer that caters to a wide range of vehicle makes and models. For a complete selection of SuedeMat products, is your number one source. makes shopping for replacement parts and accessories easy and affordable. We offer over a million products organized in our expansive and easy-to-use online catalog all sold at discounted prices. Shop for SuedeMat products today!

Suedemat: Reliable Dash Protection in a Luxurious Package

One of the various brands offered by Dashmat, the Suedemat line of dashboard covers offers an alternative option in protecting the dashboard cover. Known for their signature suede-like fabric, Suedemat dash covers and mats provide optimum protection to the instrument panel and dashboard with a distinct style.

Suedemat has always been committed to providing top-of-the-line dash covers that protect the dash from every possible kind of damage that might be caused by natural elements, frequent use, or abuse. Its dash cover offers all that while mirroring the vehicle's OE look, making it the perfect choice for drivers who don't want a drastic change in their car interior's appearance. In addition, Suedemat dash covers come with a suede-like feel and are offered in different shades-including grey, smoke, beige, and black. Drivers have a wide range of choices to help them find the one that will complement the color and design of their cabin.

Stylish dashboard covers

At first glance, the Suedemat dashboard cover offers the same standard premise of protecting the car's dashboard against dust, dirt, and harmful UV rays from the sun. But where Suedemat really shines-and leaves its competitors in the shadows-is the unique fabric the dashboard covers are made of.

Made of high-grade synthetic material, the Suedemat dashboard cover fabric has the look and feel that is closely similar to suede leather without the high price tag. Also, unlike original suede leather, the synthetic suede material is highly resistant to stains and fading, making it more durable and long lasting. The dashboard cover is also pre-cut or marked for easier installation on the dashboard and come with hook and loop fasteners for a more secure hold. Customers also have a varied selection of colors that mirror the OE look of most automobiles.

Custom logo and monogrammed dashboard covers

For those looking for a more one-of-a-kind look, Suedemat also offers dashboard covers with custom monograms and logos. Suedemat's monogrammed dash covers are made using state-of-the-art computerized machines that stitch the monogram onto the cover surface under precise measurements and without damaging the material. The thread used in the monogramming process is also of a complementary color to the dash cover, ensuring that it stands out without becoming too glaring to the eye. Customers can choose anywhere from 1 to as much as 20 characters on their monogram, allowing for a higher degree of customization than other monogramming service offered by competitors.

For car owners who are leaning more towards logos, Suedemat also offers up to 10,000 stylish logos that can be added onto their dashboard covers. The logos cover a wide selection of designs, affiliations, and interests, ranging from state flags to the logos of major car manufacturers. Customers can also send their own custom logos to Suedemat to be affixed onto their products.

Regardless of whether you choose a monogrammed or logo dash cover, all custom Suedemat dash covers are made using high-quality materials and crafted under strict quality control standards. Each dash cover is also covered by a limited 2-year warranty from Suedemat.

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