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What to Look for in a Sun Visor Storage

A sun visor storage is an aftermarket accessory that stores and organizes items that you often need in your car or just in your everyday life. These include your vehicle's documents, CDs, sunglasses, and more. While the glove compartment offers ample storage, it still might not be enough. Keeping all your essentials in there may not be convenient, either, as you have to lean to the passenger's seat in order to access the compartment. The sun visor storage solves this very problem. If you are thinking about getting a sun visor storage for your car, here are some things to consider when buying one.

Not all storages may fit your sun visor

The sun visor storage is placed on the sun visor itself—either on the driver's side, the passenger side, or even both. When looking for one in stores, make sure that you have measured your vehicle's sun visor ahead of time. If you're buying online, you can narrow down your search by adding “direct fit” on the search engine or clicking that option in the search filter, if applicable. Knowing how big your car's sun visor is can also be useful particularly when looking for the right kind of storage you need. Of course, there are some sun visor storages that are adjustable and can wrap around your vehicle's visor in order to fit just right.

You will have to choose from a wide variety

A sun visor storage can hold anything you need—from documents, cards, and pens, to sunglasses and even your mobile phone. You might find one that has a few pockets but big ones, or one that has grid compartments but can hold as many items that can fit on the grid. Some storages have a clear pocket to store your photos or driver's license. There are also organizers exclusively made for your CDs. You can choose the sun visor storage that's either multi-functional or can only hold one type of item, depending on your needs. Aside from its features, a sun visor storage is available in different colors and materials. Some are leather, while others are made of fabric. A black or white storage is pretty common, but you might also find one that's blue, pink, or patterned prints like camouflage. If you're very particular about your vehicle's interior, you can find a sun visor storage that matches the color of your cabin.

Other factors to consider

If your sun visor has a mirror or light on it, you will have to cover them with the storage, so if you use these often, consider getting a storage with a built-in mirror or light. Also, opt for one that's lightweight to avoid any unnecessary weight that could cause your sun visor to drop. Some materials that could add weight are metal rings and other heavy objects.

Once you find your ideal sun visor storage, you can finally have all your essentials in a place that's easy to find and very accessible from the driver's seat.

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