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Navigating the highways with a dimming headlamp will either get you a ticket first or get yourself into an accident. In fact, you might be a cruising disaster to other motorists who're in the same area. Knowing the importance of your lighting equipments, especially when driving at night, a ready replacement must always be available. And for the reliable, fit, and aesthetically enhancing types, Sylvania lighting products make for a good choice. From standard to Euro-design lamps, the brand never fails to provide virtually all automobile makes and models in the industry with choice.

Sylvania is backed with years of lighting equipments manufacturing experience, starting years back, when automobiles were still in black and whites. Today, the brand prides itself with a long list of aftermarket products, all the result of extensive researches and state-of-the-art manufacturing machines. There's no forgetting that Sylvania also has a throng of trusted experts, the real heroes of their industry. These and the outline of stringent manufacturing processes, starting with selection of high-grade raw materials down to testing each product in-car extremes, earned the brand its enviable reputation in the aftermarket industry.

Among Sylvania's popular products are the sealed beam headlights that feature the brand's very own Sylvania light bulb. The product is a direct replacement to compatible factory headlamps and to particular makes and models of automobiles. There are different technologies for the brand's light bulbs just so auto owners and fleet managers will have a ring of choices. The most common in the industry is the Sylvania halogen bulb, which accounts for a big chunk of their market. High intensity discharge (HID) and LED lamps are also part of the choices.