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To provide easy access on the truck's rear bed is the main purpose of the fold down tailgate. For sports utility vehicles and station wagons, tailgate is the opening on the rear area which needs lowering of the window before folding it out. Tailgates in general are made up of two pieces of metals that are joined together by a so called hemming fold lap joint. The mastic components applied after joining the pieces of metals are intended to prevent the top coating and the electro paint from easy wear and tear which can lead to corrosion and damage.
As metal, the tailgate can be easily exposed to rust and corrosion especially if there is sand trapped on the areas which can destroy protective paint and coating. Tailgate corrosion can also be put under control by applying a small portion of hydrophobic protective compound to stop water or liquid from being stored on the surfaces. Another is to add a tin film of oil on the affected area. However if these methods are still not effective, then a new tailgate replacement is the only choice left.

The tailgate of various car makes may not be the same. In the case of Mitsubishi makes, tailgates are crafted with optimum coating and polishing to have greater resistance against rust, corrosion and damage. Mitsubishi tailgates can still of course be exposed to rust but with its top quality coating; longer service, performance and use can be expected. As replacement, tailgates must be of exact fit and finish to fit into the contours of the vehicle. It is even preferable to bring the car with you if planning to buy a new one.

Traditional local stores are not the sole source of aftermarket or OEM tailgate replacements which is the case way back. Nowadays, on-line stores are available to offer products and services needed by any car makes including Mitsubishi tailgates.

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