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Starter Solenoid by Taylor Cable

Do you know that the performance of your vehicle is not only dependent on its active systems like the steering, the suspension, and the exhaust? All these are useless if the engine is not cranked efficiently. It is therefore important to keep your vehicle's starting system working well to achieve a good startup for an exciting drive at all times. Starting components like the starter solenoid should always be in tip-top condition. And to really guarantee a great start, why not try Taylor Cable parts? The Taylor Cable starter solenoid is engineered for efficiency.

With a small amount of current from the ignition switch, the starter solenoid manages the high electrical flow from the battery to the starter. A high-performance solenoid is thus a must, and Taylor Cable knows that. With a Taylor Cable starter solenoid, you can say goodbye to many starting and ignition problems. Aside from being a heavy-duty continuous cycle solenoid, it is also resistant to vibrations. It features solid copper contact and corrosion-resistant stainless plunger that stay durable year after year. To top it off, it comes in chrome finish for an extra sleek look. What more can you ask for? With this installed in your vehicle, you will enjoy durability, style, and good starting performance all in one.

If you are looking for genuine ignition and electronic auto parts for your vehicle, you can count on Taylor Cable. Over the years, this brand has dominated the automotive industry with its high-quality ignition parts. Examples are the Taylor Cable starter solenoid and the Taylor Cable spark plug wires for all types of vehicles. Whether you are into street driving, off-roading, or racing, Taylor Cable is the brand for you. We at Inner Auto Parts carry a huge inventory of Taylor Cable parts. All you have to do is browse our online catalog and choose from our complete selection of auto parts and accessories. Avail of great discounts and good offers only here/

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