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UltiMat is a trusted brand in the automotive industry that manufactures products of unmatched quality. UltiMat employs the latest technologies in developing innovative solutions for the repair and replacement needs of car owners. With an extensive product line that consists of premium parts and accessories, UltiMat is recognized as an esteemed manufacturer that caters to a wide range of vehicle makes and models. For a complete selection of UltiMat products, is your number one source. makes shopping for replacement parts and accessories easy and affordable. We offer over a million products organized in our expansive and easy-to-use online catalog all sold at discounted prices. Shop for UltiMat products today!

Ultimat: Raising the Standards in Dashboard Protection

With Ultimat, dashboard protection couldn't be easier. In the business of selling custom dashboard covers since 1979, Ultimat guarantees that its products don't disappoint but instead keep getting better as the years go by. Ultimat takes pride in providing the industry with dash covers that are crafted from its proprietary fiber carpet material. Ultimat dash covers are guaranteed not to fray or unravel, making the cover ready for hassle-free installation once it arrives at the customer's doorsteps. And for a snug fit, the covers are soft molded according to the contours of the vehicle's dashboard to ensure exact fit.

The Ultimat dash cover is offered in attractive colors, so rest assured that there is a color available that will match most car interior themes. Ultimat covers also have a high degree of durability that's second to none as the material it is made of is non-shrinking, needle-punch carpet, ensuring that no amount of UV rays can get into the dash surface and cause damage.

Stylish dashboard covers

Ultimat prides itself as the maker of the best-fitting and best-looking dash covers in the market, and that's not an empty boast. Each mat is soft-molded using a proprietary molding process to make it match the contours of the dashboard. This allows the mat to be made of a single piece of fabric, completely eliminating seams and darts that are often the primary locations of wear and fraying in dashboard covers. Customers can also choose from dashboard covers made of SoftFoss fiber that are highly resistant to fraying and unraveling and Eco-Fi polyester fabric that is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. All dashboard covers are also treated for colorfastness, heat, and UV resistance, and are available in a wide variety of colors.

Custom monogrammed covers

In addition to its standard line of dash covers, Ultimat also offers monogramming services for a more customized look. The dashboard cover is carefully monogrammed using the latest in computerized monogramming machines that offer a wide selection of character styles and sizes to choose from. Customers can decide between monograms ranging from 1 to as many as 12 characters, allowing not only for a customized look on a tight budget. The monogrammed letters are also especially treated so that the mat would appear brand new even after years of use. Ultimat monogrammed dashboard covers are also available in various colors and fabrics similar to that their standard dash cover models.

Attractive logo dash covers

For those looking to promote their brand or who are big fans of their hometown sports team, UltiMat also manufactures custom dashboard covers with logos. Ultimat offers a wide selection of pre-made dashboard logos to choose from, ranging from state flags to specific causes and interests. And if your preferred logo is not available in the catalog, Ultimat also provides custom logo services to make that dashboard cover stand out. The logos are completely waterproof and are resistant to fading, guaranteeing a bright and vibrant appearance for many years to come. And just like the other products in the Ultimat lineup, the logo dash covers are made of high-quality fibers and plastic fabrics that are pre-shrunk and heat treated for maximum durability even during adverse weather.

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