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Common Causes of a Ford Escape Vent Visor's Problems

The pitter-patter of rain drops on a car's window can be a distraction. This is compounded by the fact that some people want fresh air to flow in during a rainstorm, but cannot do so in the event of a downpour. This is solved by the introduction of vent visors into a car. Vent visor provide cover to a partly open window during a downpour, making sure that people can get fresh air inside even while it rains. However, vent visors do also deal with issues such as these:

Window stopper

Some vent visors are made and marketed as 'in channel' visors which are meant to fit into the groove of a window. However, these visors are also notorious for being in the way every time you close your windows. When closing up, they tend to get stuck and have to be pushed with a finger in order for you to keep on closing your window. The problem, it seems, lies with the double-sided adhesive that does not cover everything.

Cracking corners

Some of these visors do not work so well in different situations. Some of them, after installation of some time, tend to show signs of wear and tear. The usual hint of this is a tell-tale crack in the corners. This is never good for any visor, especially since they are trusted to keep the water out, not let the water seep through the cracks. This is due to the fact that some visors do react poorly to different weather than other visors, resulting in the cracks that you notice in corners.

Changing problems

While there are no problems whatsoever with your vent visors when they are put on, these may show up when changing your vent visor. Vent visors tend to be a messy lot when they are about to be changed with new ones. Mainly, the problems you meet when changing vent visors are the dirt and stains from the tape line. Since it is exposed to rain and different conditions, there are many contaminants that may get stuck in the adhesive.

Other issues

There are many other things which you may find as a problem with your vent visor. Figure out if your vent visors are correct for your windows before trying to fit them. Learn to check for loose adhesive as well, if you want to keep your vent visor stuck on your car.

How to Keep Your Ford Escape Vent Visor in Top Shape

Rain, sleet, snow, or strong winds, it don't matter what kind of weather condition your window has to face. With the proper vent visor for your Ford, your windows are protected 100% from any kind of weather effect. Vent visorswere developed to keep harmful weather conditions away from your window. Take these away, and you just might see some scratches and other damage to your windows in only a few weeks. To keep your vent visors working, follow these simple steps in maintaining them:

Repair vent visor cracks

Since they are made of durable plastic, they can stand climate, wind, and other elements to a certain degree. However, debris and other material can affect them in a way which they were never designed to stand up to. To repair the crack in your vent visor, you could buy a spray adhesive to patch up the crack done to it. You should remove it first before doing any repairs, and put it back on once the work is done.

Patch up missing adhesive with tape

The best bet for patching a failing adhesive on a vent visor is tape. Sometimes, materials manage to get into the vent visor's adhesive side. When this happens, the vent visor dangles off one side and becomes a drag on your window. Patch up the missing adhesive using a double-sided 3M or OEM approved tape. This will not only fix your adhesive problem, it will also fix the unsightly appearance your dangling vent visor does to your car.

Choose the proper size vent visor

Some people, in their excitement of installing a good-looking vent visor, fail to notice that it maybe two-sizes small or one-size large when compared to their window. This makes it get in the way of the window when it opens or closes. Make sure that the vent visor you choose is fitted properly to your car's window.

Replace broken vent visors with new ones

You can opt to repair and patch up your vent visors when they get damaged. However, when the harm is too great, it may be wise for you to just replace the old, damaged visors with new ones. Carefully select the vent visors you will use on your car. You need to consider your car's make and the size of your windows to make sure that your new vent visors will fit perfectly.

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