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Common Issues behind Mercedes Benz ML320 Vent Visor Problems

One of the simplest things that you could install on your Mercedes Benz ML320 that'll make it look even better would be a pair of vent visors. These simple accessories can greatly reduce glare and noise near your windows and are quite easy to install and maintain. Made from strong plastic or durable acrylic, vent visors would generally last throughout your vehicle's lifetime. Unfortunately, most vent visors have problems when it comes to staying in place because they're installed using adhesive that could wear off over time. Improper installation can also cause vent visors to crack, forcing you to replace them right away as most can't simply be repaired because of the way that they're made. Check out our short guide and find out how you can solve some common Benz ML320 vent visor problems.

Vibrating or noisy vent visor

Your vent visors are there to limit noise and glare, so it's a big deal when they start rattling as soon as your vehicle gets moving. Most of the time, this problem is caused by either an improperly installed vent visor, or one that has come loose and is about to fall off. This is even more common if you're using in-channel vent visors, which are hard to install and would generally come loose if you haven't mounted it in its place properly in the first place. The best solution to this problem would be to simply reinstall the visor and make sure that it fits properly. For those who have an old vent visor, you may want to remove them from your vehicle and reapply some adhesive or double sided tape that'll make them stick like new.

Sticky residue

Compared to in-channel vent visors, tape-on versions are very easy to install and should stay on your windows for a longer time. However, should a tape-on vent visor come loose, it can leave some sticky residue from its adhesive that can make cleanup and subsequent installation of a replacement vent visor a bit more difficult. Dip a rag in a little bit of dish soap and water and you should be able to scrub off and leftover gunk or residue on your window, but be patient as it could take a while to get them all off. Make sure that you clean the area where you'll be sticking your replacement vent visor with some rubbing alcohol to make sure that the adhesive will stick properly.

Tips on Maintaining Your Mercedes Benz ML320 Vent Visor

Opening your Mercedes Benz ML320's window while out on a rainy day won't be a problem when you've got a vent visor installed. Also called as window visors and rain guards, these basic accessories are quire handy when you want to drive with the windows down while minimizing noise, wind, or even a light drizzle. You'll want to take care of your Mercedes Benz ML320 vent visor as they could get damaged or come loose over time. You may have to reinstall vent visors since their adhesives could dry out or the material could get warped and loosen from its mount. Check out some simple maintenance tips below.

Clean your vent visor properly.

A simple car wash can work wonders when it comes to vehicle maintenance, but make sure that the chemicals aren't strong enough to actually affect the adhesives on your vent visors. Most vent visors rely on an adhesive strip to keep them in place. Strong chemicals in car wash solutions could weaken the adhesive and result in a loose vent visor. Mild plastic cleaners or even dish soap diluted in water should be enough to remove dirt and grime from your vent visor safely.

Apply new adhesive tape on old vent visors.

Your vehicle's vent visors should last throughout the lifetime of your ride, but the adhesive that's keeping them in place may not. Once you notice that your vent visors are wobbling against the wind, then you might need to remove them and replace the adhesive strip. Be extra careful when removing your vent visor as you might break them when you force them too much. You can easily remove the old adhesive by sliding a length of fishing line underneath the tape itself. From here, simply use some tar remover to wipe off any excess residue. Make sure that you clean the area thoroughly before you apply a new adhesive strip.

Loose in-channel vent visors have to be replaced.

For those who have in-channel visors that have loosened after a couple of years, you'll have to unfortunately replace them as they rely on a snug fit in order to stay in place. You may be able to use them again in a different vehicle, as long as it's compatible.

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