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Pinpointing the Causes behind Bmw X5 Washer Reservoir Cap Problems

Do not take your Bmw X5 washer reservoir cap for granted. It may be but a small piece of plastic or rubber, but it performs a very vital function in your car. This cap contains the windshield washer fluid inside the reservoir. When this cap gets broken or damaged, the washer fluid will spill onto the other components under the hood. Also, your windshield will be full of dirt and dust because your windshield washer container is empty. To prevent such hassles, diagnose the causes of cap problems as early as possible.

Cracks and holes

One of the most prominent problems that you'll ever encounter with your washer reservoir cap is physical damage such as cracks. Holes can also cause leaks in the system. Physical damage is very easy to detect. All you need to do is to open your car's hood and locate the washer reservoir. The reservoir is usually a plastic container that is labeled with "windshield washer." You can also identify the container through the marking written on its cap. Typically, there's a two spurts of water shown on the cap. Once you found it, remove it from to container for further inspection. When you see plenty of holes and cracks, replace the cap immediately.

Stuck cap

When you noticed that you need to exert extra effort in removing the cap, it's possible that the cap threads are severely damaged. You'll notice this particular problem when you're refilling the washer reservoir. If the cap is stuck, you might need to put ample amount of oil to loosen the cap a bit. Never heat the cap because the plastic or rubber may melt making it harder to remove. It's also possible that the cap is congested with dirt particles. Clean the cap and the container's opening to prevent the cap from getting jammed.

Loose cap

This issue is the exact opposite of the previous one. A cap may also get loose due to severe mechanical vibration inside the hood. When the cap is not installed firmly, the washer fluid can leak out of its container. This can damage the engine as well as the other components under the hood. To check if the cap is wobbly, twist it slowly. If the cap comes off easily, twirl it in a counterclockwise direction. Twist it a bit harder to tighten its mounting.

Five Useful Tips to Prolong the Service Life of Your Bmw X5 Washer Reservoir Cap

Being a responsible car owner entails care and maintenance of car components be it big or small. If you really know how to take good care of your car, you should never neglect your Bmw X5 washer reservoir cap. It may look like a small and useless component, but it's actually very essential. Without it, your windshield will remain dirty for hours. When the washer fluid leaks out, it can damage other parts of the engine, too. To prevent these problems, here are some basic tips that you can do to make your washer cap last for years:

Check your cap's condition regularly.

The best way to determine the true condition of your cap is to inspect it regularly. Inspection entails a careful, thorough, and close look at the threads and mounting pins of the cap. When the cap looks severely damaged with all the holes and cracks on it, you'll know that you need to replace it immediately. As much as possible, check your washer reservoir cap once in every four months. Plot your calendar and make a maintenance schedule, so you won't forget.

Know when to replace your cap.

As much as you want to keep your washer reservoir cap for life, you simply can't. Eventually, your cap will not be able to function wee because of the holes and cracks on it. When this happens, you must buy and install a new cap right away. By doing this, you can prevent leaks and other worse problems that can damage your engine and windshield wiper assembly.

Install the cap properly.

It's very important to learn how to properly install your cap. There may be a few designs to choose from, and each type has its unique mounting procedure. If you're not sure of the right method, never forget to refer to the manual. You can also seek help from the store personnel by asking about the precise installation instructions.

Ensure that your cap is tightly sealed.

Seals and gaskets are available at any local auto parts store. You can purchase and use these products to enhance the sealing capability of your cap. Don't worry. These items are very affordable and very efficient, too!

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