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Dodge Caravan's more than 20 years of subsistence is divided into 4 generations each one emblematic from the other. Say the first generation include Dodge Caravans which were produced from 1984 until 1990. These Caravans are the foremost and the original three-door minivans or the people carrier as what the British Isles call it that were produced by the Chrysler Corporation which is known now as the DaimlerChrysler, and are similarly akin to the Plymouth Voyager and Chrysler Town and Country.

These first generation Caravans are equipped with either the K-family I4, 96- horsepower specifically the Chrysler K engine which is a 2.2-liter straight-4 engine developed by Chrysler for the K-cars known as the K-car engine, K-engine or Trans Four, the Mitsubishi 6G72cc, V6 engine which is a 3.0-liter, with 91.1 millimeter bore and 76 millimeter stroke with several versions produced, or the Chrysler V6, 141 horsepower engine which is Chrysler's first homegrown front-wheel drive engine. The second generation Dodge Caravans are those which were produced from 1991 up to 1995. These Caravans are also three-door minivans but based on the Chrysler AS platform which is Chrysler's minivan S platform or S-body descending from the Chrysler K-platform. They are also equipped with engines that were available for the first generation Caravans.

The third generation Dodge Caravan meanwhile are those which were produced from 1996 through 2000 with the availability of 4-door version minivans. These Caravans were based on the Chrysler NS platform and are equipped with Neon I4 Chrysler V6 engine which is a small straight-4 piston engine designed originally for the Dodge Neon compact car. They are similar to the Plymouth and Chrysler Voyagers and the Chrysler Town and Country. The fourth and current generation Dodge Caravans are those which are produced from 2001 down to present. These Caravans are 4-door minivans based on the Chrysler RS platform with Chrysler V6 Neon I4.

To whichever generation your Dodge Caravan belongs, it surely bear the quality known to all Chrysler automobiles. They are all capable of being improved in different aspects, performance, function and even appearance. Using Dodge Caravan wheel covers is a cheap yet great way to give your Caravan a cool, sporty and any look you would want to or others see in your car as the wheels spin off or even by just being parked!

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