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Car owners have always been conscious of the appearance of their cars. And there is nothing that improves the look of a car more than a nice set of wheels. But sad to think that having new wheels usually involves getting new tires too or at least take the old tires off the old wheels and put them on the new set of wheels. And this involves more expenses since after putting the tires on the wheels, balancing and alignment follows. So for those car owners who want to improve the look of their car without overspending, Ford Escort wheel covers are a great alternative.
Ford Escort wheel covers, which are commonly called as hubcaps, are attached to a steel wheel with a series of retention clips at the outer edge. The main purpose of these Ford Escort wheel covers is to dress up the appearance of cars with standard steel wheels. These come in variety of sizes and styles and are easy to install. Customer can install these themselves by simply press-fitting them into the rim of the existing wheel. You will not need to require for balancing and alignment, and you will also not be tempted to get new tires since they already improve the look and performance of your car.
Some economy cars save customers by featuring stock unfinished metal wheels and wheel covers while most new cars come with chrome or aluminum wheels. Good wheel covers could even pass for custom wheels and since they are inexpensive, you can easily go for replacement when the shine has worn off the old wheel covers. These can also be used for fixing up older cars with stock wheels.
Ford Escort wheel covers should always be maintained and cleaned occasionally. This can be done when you use a suitable cleaner to wash your car. You should be extra careful not to damage the retention clips of your wheel covers when you change a tire. In order to make the wheel cover fully seated, you can use a rubber mallet and tap it gently and evenly around the cover's edge. If you are looking for Ford Escort wheel covers, you need not to go to your car dealer, there are numerous wheel covers from automotive aftermarket.

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