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Window Assembly: How to Choose the Best for your Car

The window assembly is on the front line of defense in keeping you and the other passengers in your car safe. The glass window acts as a shield against rain, snow, sun, and wind. Even if the window assembly is designed and engineered to withstand these harsh weather conditions, it is not invincible. In your car's lifetime, you may have to replace the window assembly once or twice. It's important that as early as now, you already have an idea how to replace and how to buy the right window assembly for your car. Here are some tips to help you out.

Choosing a window tint

  • Tinted glasses provide privacy, and dark windows have the best coverage. You should also take your car's color into consideration and choose a widow tint that complements with it. For instance, mirror tints look good in silver or black cars. For red cars, black windows are recommended for they highlight the red shade in your car.
  • Be aware of tints that are prohibited in your area. Cars with windows that are too dark are not allowed in most areas because they are often associated with crimes and other illegal acts.

Getting the right size

  • To get the right size, read your vehicle owner's manual to find out the dimensions of the entire window assembly in your car. If you want to make sure, measure and take note of the length and width of your car's window so that when you get to the auto parts store, you already know what to get.
  • Buy direct-fit window assembly so you don't have to cut or weld any component . A direct fit assembly is also easier to install, that's why it's your best option if you are planning to put the new window assembly to your car alone.

Making the most out of your money

  • Buy window components that are sold in kits. Kits are more affordable than buying individual parts. You can also avoid buying window accessories that do not fit well; in kits, the weatherstrips, scrapers, and other hardwares are made to fit in one entire window assembly.
  • A window assembly is a bit expensive compared to other car parts, so buy only from trusted distributors and sellers to get a product warranty. If in case you bought a damaged component, the reseller can ship you a replacement free of charge.

Window Assembly: How to Put the Pieces Together

A broken window assembly can totally ruin the overall look of your car. It's such a pain in the eyes to see a car with shattered window glass. It gives the impression that the car owner doesn't care about his vehicle. Aside from flouting the aesthetic aspect, a busted window assembly is also damaging the interiors of the car; insects can enter and thrive inside the car, rains can spoil the leather seats, even thieves can get inside your car to take your valuables away. Don't wait for the worst to happen. Replace the window assembly in your car ASAP.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools you'll need:

  • Wrench
  • Screwdrivers
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Window assembly replacement

Step 1: Buy window assembly replacement parts that are appropriate for your car's year and model. Take note of the measurements of the old windows, channels, anti-rattle weatherstrips, and scrapers.

Step 2: Begin with removing the door panel. Use the right-sized screwdriver to remove the bolts that hold the interior plastic panel to the door assembly. Use a thin spatula or the flat tip of a screwdriver to pry the edges of the panel. Do not over bend the panel to avoid breaking it. After removing, set it aside.

Step 3: Remove the glass window. You may ask a friend or an assistant to hold the glass while you unbolt all the screws that hold the window in place. Gently swing it side by side to release it.

Step 4: Once the glass is out, you can now replace the inner scraper. Press it on the window frame and make sure that it is well aligned. You can apply a little bit of petroleum jelly inside the edges of the scraper so it would be easier to slide it into the frame. Press it gently to secure it in place.

Step 5: Change the outer scraper. Remove the bolts that fasten it to the upper front part of the window frame. Slide and pull the outer scraper to loosen it from the frame. Press the lower clips to free the outer scraper entirely.

Step 6: Before reassembling the window, check the frame for any rust. Take a closer look at the clips if they are complete. Replace felts if needed.

Step 7: Start installing new parts one by one. Put the lower anti-rattle weatherstrip in place first. Press it down gently to put it in place.

Step 8: Put the new upper window channel. Start attaching the bottom part of it and work your way slowly up to the top. Gently press it on the sides until it sits firmly in place.

Step 9: Install the new glass window. Do not tighten the bolts yet until you positioned the glass properly. Wind the roller up and down to check if the glass is in the right position. Secure the bolts afterwards.

Step 10: Put the door panel back. Return all the bolts that you have taken out.

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