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AC Clutch

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Having a faulty air-conditioning (A/C) system in your car will put you and your passengers through a tough time. There are many causes of A/C system failure, and one of the most common is a broken A/C clutch.The clutch works closely with the A/C compressor, which is run by a drive belt connected to the engine. A sensor monitors the refrigerant's temperature or pressure level and switches an electric motor on to pump hot refrigerant into the condenser.The A/C clutch is responsible for engaging the compressor pulley with the motor to run the compressor. It's just like the transmission's clutch pedal, only it's automatically operated by a sensor. Over time, the clutch can experience damage and fail to engage the compressor.Don't worry, though-you can still beat the heat by replacing the broken clutch with a new one. Carparts offers high-quality replacement A/C clutches for your vehicle.

• We have A/C clutches that withstand high heat and pressure for a long time.

• We offer A/C clutches compatible with all kinds of A/C systems.

• Our clutches are easy to install-perfect for DIY projects.