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The Best Headlight Brands: Reliable Replacements for Your Car

It’s safe to drive at night and in low-light areas because of the headlights on your vehicle. They let you navigate in the dark and spot oncoming traffic by illuminating...Read more

The 6 Best Driveshaft Brands for Your Vehicle

As your vehicle racks up mileage, parts like the U-joints, couplers, and carrier bearings may wear out and affect the driveshaft’s structural integrity. The driveshaft may even snap under extreme...Read more

The Best Headlight Bulbs for Your Vehicle: Top Brands to Consider

Your car's headlight bulbs are key components that illuminate the road when you're driving in the dark. These bulbs serve as the main light source in the headlight assembly. They...Read more

Best Suspension Struts for Your Money: Start Here

Replacing suspension system components is a complicated affair that requires you to consider several important factors, such as performance, riding comfort, handling, and more. A strut is a suspension system...Read more

The Best Exhaust Systems for Your Vehicle: Top 6 Brands

Any vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine, whether it’s a sedan, SUV, or truck, is going to have an exhaust system. It consists of multiple components, including oxygen sensors,...Read more

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Auto Repair

Top 3 Bad Transmission Mount Symptoms to Watch Out For

All vehicles have one or more transmission mounts that support the weight of the transmission. Although the mounts are designed to last the life of the vehicle, they can eventually...Read more

Why Is There Oil in My Air Filter Housing and Air Intake?

One day, as you’re changing your car’s air filter, you notice that there’s oil in the air intake and the air filter housing. You start to worry and wonder whether...Read more

Car Battery Cable Replacement: A Complete DIY Guide

Battery cables are essential because they connect the battery to the vehicle. Even though the battery cables are made from thick-gauge copper wire, they can eventually become damaged or corroded...Read more

How to Wire a Starter (With Example Diagrams)

The starter motor cranks the engine to get it going—you know that much. But do you truly understand how the starter and the rest of the starting system work? If...Read more

Here are the Top 4 Signs of a Bad Fuel Filter

Most older vehicles have an external fuel filter that traps dirt and other contaminants to prevent them from reaching the fuel injectors. The filter is supposed to be replaced periodically,...Read more

The Top 5 Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator

Some vehicles rely on an external fuel pressure regulator to provide the appropriate fuel pressure to the engine. Like any automotive part, the regulator can eventually fail—and when it does,...Read more

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Vehicle Reliability

Dodge Durango Reliability and Common Problems

Whether you’re looking to get an old or new model year, you can always count on the  Dodge Durango’s superb comfort and excellent performance. It boasts enough utility to easily...Read more

Nissan Pathfinder Reliability and Common Problems

The Nissan Pathfinder is a dependable midsize SUV that offers a comfortable ride, handles well, and has several active safety features. While it may not be the first vehicle that...Read more

Toyota Highlander Reliability and Common Problems

There’s no denying that the Toyota Highlander is one of the most reliable mid-size crossover SUVs out there. Unfortunately, like other vehicles, it can develop problems as it racks up...Read more

Honda Pilot Reliability and Common Problems

Whether you’re looking at a new or pre-owned Honda Pilot, you can expect it to deliver excellent SUV performance. But even a vehicle as popular as this one has had...Read more

Nissan Murano Reliability and Common Problems

The Nissan Murano’s superb ride quality, excellent transmission performance, and comfortable interior make it one of the automaker’s best bets in the midsize SUV segment. But it is far from...Read more

Toyota RAV4 Reliability and Common Problems

Few Toyota models embody the brand's reputation for value like the Toyota RAV4. The compact SUV’s reliability and fuel efficiency give it extraordinary resale value. reports that a RAV4...Read more

Subaru Impreza Reliability and Common Problems

No matter the generation or year model, the Subaru Impreza delivers the handling of a sports car while also giving a pleasant ride to its driver and passengers. While the...Read more

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