A Guide to Using Your Tax Refund on Car Repair & Maintenance

All year you've been patiently waiting for your tax refundand now it's finally here. Now, you can give your car some much-needed TLC. Whether your ride needs repair or just...Read more

Top 5 Car-Related Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Hard-working Americans like yourself look forward to spring for a few reasons: one of them being tax refunds. When it's time for the money to roll in, you start daydreaming...Read more

5 Car Date Ideas (and How To Prep Your Car for a Sweet Getaway)

Love is in the air this month—and if you’re looking for romantic date ideas that won’t break the bank and allow you to avoid the crowds this Valentine’s day, here...Read more

My Car Accelerates on its Own: What’s the Issue?

Having complete control over your vehicle is essential to your safety on the road, so it can certainly be jarring (and frightening) when your car suddenly accelerates by itself while...Read more

Better Together: A Guide to Buying Parts in Pairs

Is your car looking a little worse for wear? Or do you know someone who’s been saving up for ages to fix their ride? Show them some love this Valentine’s...Read more

Win a $500 Shopping Spree & More in CarParts.com’s Write-a-Review Sweepstakes

Reviews and ratings are a fundamental part of the shopping experience—which is why your feedback is important to us. If you’re a CarParts.com customer and you’d like to review your...Read more

Game Changers: A Rundown on the 2020 Super Bowl Car Commercials

Innovation. Progress. Resilience. These were three of the biggest themes that drove this year’s line-up of Super Bowl commercials, especially when it came to the automotive spots. Featuring brilliant storytelling...Read more

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Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon Get New Suspension Kits

Stiffer competition in the United States' mid-size truck segment is brewing, thanks to the recent updates on the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger. But if it looked like there is...Read more

GM President Shares Plans for Battery-Electric Pickups

Americans love pickups, no doubt. This is shown by the constant jockeying for positions and consistent tight battles among the leading brands. The competition in the segment is so intense...Read more

GMC Continues Winter Tradition With Snow Tracks on Sierra

Of the many things GMC is known for, its tradition of customizing the Sierra HD pickup every winter is much applauded among the community. The automaker has done this since...Read more

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Auto Repair

Radiator Fluid Colors Vary and How To Pick the Right One

Radiator fluid, also known as engine coolant or antifreeze, was first used in military vehicles during World War I. Ethylene glycol was initially used as an alternative to glycerol to...Read more

How to Close Car Hood Properly

Exercising care when closing the hood of your car is important in keeping it in good working condition. The hood protects the most essential components of your vehicle, which includes...Read more

[Infographic] What to Consider Before You Start Doing Your Own Auto Repairs

YouTube makes fixing your own car look easy. Undo a couple of bolts here, unplug a few electrical connectors there, and the job is done. But in reality, auto repair...Read more

How to Get Moisture Out of Headlights

Condensation is a natural occurrence that happens when water vapor condenses into a liquid. In regard to your car’s headlights, the phenomenon takes place when the outside air is cooler...Read more

How to Remove Scratches from Your Car Bumper

Getting scratches out of your car bumper can be costly if you get it done at an auto body shop. But if the scratches aren’t too bad, you can opt...Read more

How to Pass an Emissions Test: 7 Tips That May Help

Note: Please check your local and state laws regarding exemptions and coverage of car emissions testing in your area. Emissions testing, also known as a smog check, is required in...Read more

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

Driving with your dog, whether on a short jaunt or on a long road trip to the beach, is always special. But having a furry companion in the car isn’t...Read more

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