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Here’s How Stop-and-Go Driving Affects Your Vehicle

You’re bound to experience driving in certain road conditions like rough terrain, snow-filled streets, and slippery highways. These are the most common conditions that can cause some vehicle parts to...Read more


Fact or Myth: Driving With Less Than a Quarter of a Tank Of Fuel Is Bad for Your Car

Driving with a quarter-full fuel tank is bad for your car is a myth, but the same isn’t true for driving on empty. If your car doesn’t get enough fuel,...Read more


What Is a Normal Engine Idle RPM?

Engine idle is a term that’s commonly thrown around by car enthusiasts and mechanics. But what does engine idle really mean? And what’s an engine’s idle speed? An engine is...Read more


2023 National Car Care Month: How Proper Car Care Helps Protect the Environment

Vehicles powered by internal combustion engines are still the most practical, convenient, and accessible form of transportation. However, as the world continues to grapple with more frequent heat waves, stronger...Read more


Toyota Tune-Up Costs and Maintenance: What You Need to Know

A Toyota tune-up is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance that helps ensure your Toyota runs at its best. Regular tune-ups can help prevent breakdowns, enhance vehicle performance, and ultimately...Read more

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Get to Know Toyota’s Smallest SUV to Date

Toyota has produced a lot of high-caliber SUVs through the years. The biggest is the Sequoia, a full-size SUV whose 2023 redesign can seat up to eight people with ample...Read more


Rebuilt Title: What Is It and How Can You Get One?

A “rebuilt title” is a term you might encounter if you’re looking to buy a used car or if you’d like to sell or drive a totaled car. But what...Read more

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Auto Repair

Bleed the Brakes: What It’s For, Different Methods, and FAQs

All vehicular components get damaged due to general wear and tear. Some have consequences that are more extreme than others, such as faulty braking systems. It's imperative to be knowledgeable...Read more


Is Your Car Stuck In Neutral? Here’s Why

Problems are bound to arise whenever you’re out on the road. These issues can be something simple like a worn-out headlight bulb or one that’s complicated like a busted radiator....Read more


Can You Put Water in the Coolant Tank?

Your cooling system needs coolant or antifreeze to regulate the engine’s temperature. So check your coolant level regularly, especially before you leave for a long road trip. If your ride...Read more


The Anti-Theft System Won’t Let My Car Start一What Should I Do?

Anti-theft car systems work by flashing lights or sounding an alarm when someone breaks into the vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer, an anti-theft system can disable certain components that help...Read more

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Vehicle Reliability
Vehicle Reliability

Toyota FJ Cruiser Reliability and Common Problems

Great fuel economy and an unassailable resale value are just some of the reasons why the Toyota FJ Cruiser remains a popular pick among midsize SUVs. According to, the...Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Land Rover LR3 Reliability and Common Problems

The Land Rover LR3 is known for its spacious cabin that guarantees a comfortable ride for you and your passengers. However, it may not be as fuel-efficient as other SUVs...Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Chevrolet Malibu Reliability: An In-Depth Guide

The Chevrolet Malibu is a midsize sedan that has been around for decades, evolving with the times to keep up with the ever-changing automotive landscape. While the Malibu is known...Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Honda Fit Reliability and Common Problems

If you’re looking for a great subcompact car, you can never go wrong with a Honda Fit. Its upscale interior, intuitive features, advanced safety technology, and reliable engine make it...Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Kia Forte Reliability and Common Problems

If you're looking for a reliable small car that gets the job done, the Kia Forte is a great choice. It’s a practical car with impressive fuel economy and user-friendly...Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Dodge Avenger Reliability and Common Problems

The Dodge Avenger is a very reliable and reasonably priced car. In fact, many owners love this model for its solid performance and fuel economy, its many trim and engine...Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Scion xB Reliability and Common Problems

Though the Scion xB never achieved the same level of popularity as the Toyota bB, it was good enough to attract buyers with a soft spot for boxy Japanese wagons....Read more

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