What is a Torsion Key Lift?

A torsion key lift is an easy and inexpensive way to increase vehicle height without buying a lift kit. It utilizes the torsion bar suspension’s unique design to raise or...Read more

The Best (and the Worst) Tesla Models

Over the years, Tesla has played a pivotal role in making electric vehicles (EVs) mainstream. According to Statista, Tesla sold 368,000 EVs in 2019, which is more than any other...Read more

16 Budget-Friendly Used Cars That Won’t Let You Down

Because the average price of a new vehicle is now a staggering $37,851, the thought of a used car is very appealing to many shoppers. The problem is, used cars...Read more

2020 Automotive News Roundup: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Nearly everyone wants to put the year 2020 in their rearview mirror. But before we say goodbye to the worst twelve months in modern history, it’s worth taking a look...Read more

10 Winter Maintenance Tips: Preparing Your Vehicle for the Changing Seasons

It’s winter again, the time for snowmen, hot chocolate—and car care. Although maintaining your vehicle is probably the last thing on your mind this season, having safe, reliable transportation is...Read more

Best Brake Pad Sets

Out of all the components of the braking system, brake pads need the most attention because they will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Because they come in...Read more

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Spotted: 2022 Ford Ranger Testing Ahead of Rumored Year-End Arrival

Ford may have won the truck segment with the success of the F-150 in the United States, but it can't continue relying on a single product. It needs help from...Read more

Hyundai Expands Tucson Recall with 427,000 More Units

Hyundai is expanding the recall it recently issued for the Tucson SUV over fire risks that may be caused by issues with the ABS brakes' hydraulic electronic unit (ECU). First...Read more

Honda HR-V Redesigned; Set to Arrive as 2022 Model

Time and again, automakers announce an upcoming redesign for their models in an effort to give them a fresh look and a host of new technologies or accessories. Honda is...Read more

Compact Ford Maverick Believed to Arrive This Year

Ford may be over and done with the launches of big names in its lineup like the Bronco and Bronco Sport, but it doesn't mean loyal fans no longer have...Read more

Rear Automatic Emergency Braking Helps Save Bucks —IIHS

Safety systems and driver assistance technologies are inarguably among the best innovations for cars. Not only do they make driving seamless and more convenient, they also prevent crashes and resulting...Read more

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7 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Hybrid or EV Running Right

These days, more and more hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) are hitting the road. Nearly every automaker is expanding its lineup of electrified vehicles to meet more stringent government regulations....Read more

What Happens if the Control Arm Breaks While Driving

For a vehicle to have stable steering and good handling, its tires need to have good contact with the road. This is made possible by the suspension system, which is...Read more

When to Replace Your Steering Knuckles

Cars are able to turn with ease thanks to their steering knuckles, which provide a mounting point for the wheels and allow them to pivot. Like many of the components...Read more

Bad Strut Mount Symptoms

A strut mount is one of the lesser-known parts of a vehicle’s suspension system. Small, flat, and unremarkable, it is easily overshadowed by other components with a more active role...Read more

Bad Brake Drum Symptoms

Brake drums are essential components of a drum brake system. Many vehicles rely on them for their rear wheels and emergency brakes. As with any other brake component, your vehicle’s...Read more

Rusty Brake Discs: Should You Be Worried?

The overall condition of your vehicle’s braking system plays a significant role in ensuring your safety on the road. The system consists of several individual components that are crucial to...Read more

How Long Do Drum Brakes Last?

Many vehicles today use disc brakes up front and drum brakes in the rear. Drum brakes use brake drums that rotate with the wheels they are mounted on. Stepping on...Read more

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