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Warming Up Your Car Faster: Tips, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Learn about the different ways you can warm your car up faster and its pros and cons. Read more


Cleaning the Windshield From the Inside: Steps, Tips, and Prevention

Learn how to clean your windshield from the inside like a pro, the causes of windshield haze, and how to prevent it. Read more


What Does Yielding the Right-of-Way Mean in Driving?

What does yielding mean in driving and how do you know who must yield? Read this article to find out the answers. Read more


How To Get the Cigarette Smell Out of Your Car

No one likes being greeted by the smell of cigarettes when they open their car door. Let’s take a look at how to get rid of it for good. Read more

Trivia and History

Where Does Gasoline Come From?

Where exactly does car gasoline come from? How exactly do gas stations get gas? This article will tell you everything. Read more


What Is E85 Gasoline? Advantages and Disadvantages

Read this article to find out what E85 gasoline is, the advantages of this alternative fuel, and its disadvantages. Read more

Automotive World

Car Logo Legends: What Do These Car Logos Mean?

Read on to learn the meaning and stories behind iconic car logos, from the Lamborghini bull to the Chevrolet cross. Read more

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Auto Repair

How to Use a Ball Joint Press Like a Pro

Need to remove a ball joint and replace it with a new one? Learn how to use a ball joint press to do it with this guide. Read more

Car Body

Broken Car Window Repair: How to Cover the Frame and More

Read on to learn the basics of car window repair, and find out what you should do if someone breaks your window. Read more


How To Replace Leaf Spring Bushings

Learn why leaf spring bushings are important and how to properly replace your vehicle’s leaf spring bushings once they wear out. Read more

Cooling System

Helpful Tips For Heater Core Replacement

You can save considerable money by replacing a bad heater core yourself. Here are some helpful tips for heater core replacement. Read more

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Vehicle Reliability

Toyota FJ Cruiser Reliability and Common Problems

Learn the Toyota FJ Cruiser’s most common issues for different model years to know what repairs it may need in the future. Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Land Rover LR3 Reliability and Common Problems

The Land Rover LR3 may not be the most reliable SUV on the market. Check out this list of its most commonly reported issues. Read more


Chevrolet Malibu Reliability: An In-Depth Guide

Get a comprehensive guide to the reliability of the Chevrolet Malibu, including data-driven insights, common issues, and cost of ownership. Make an informed decision about owning a Malibu. Read more


Honda Fit Reliability and Common Problems

Looking to purchase a used Honda Fit? Find out what repairs are common for some model years by reading this guide. Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Ford Edge Reliability and Common Problems

The Ford Edge is a very good SUV but it's best to know which of its model years have the most issues and what those are. Check out this list. Read more


Dodge Avenger Reliability and Common Problems

Looking to buy a secondhand Dodge Avenger? See how reliable Dodge Avengers are and get to know their common problems here. Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Scion tC Reliability and Common Problems

The Scion tC is an affordable and reliable two-door compact sedan. However, it has a few common problems under its hood. Read more. Read more

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