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If you are thinking of buying an SUV that’s capable and worth the price, the Ford Edge would be a good choice. It is one of the most reliable Ford models, offering great functionality and comfort. According to, it also holds value pretty well. Its resale price depreciates by about 34% after 5 years.

Are Ford Edges Reliable?

The Ford Edge received pretty good ratings in terms of reliability. It got 3.5 out of 5.0 on RepairPal, ranking 11th out of 26 vehicles in the same category. The Edge is known for providing superior performance and precise handling while also being practical, with excellent fuel-economy. Aside from that, it also has good longevity and durability. It can last over 200,000 miles with few issues, as long as it is responsibly maintained by following its correct service schedule.

2019 ford edge
The Ford Edge is known for providing superior performance and precise handling while also being practical, with excellent fuel-economy.

Top Ford Edge Problems

Despite being a reliable SUV, the Ford Edge does have its fair share of problems. Here are the most common problems for its different model years:

Faulty Airbags

The 2016-2017 Ford Edge was recalled in February 2017 for malfunctioning airbags. If engaged, the driver’s airbag won’t fully inflate or may detach from the airbag assembly, which may put the driver at higher risk of injury and harm. These defects make the Edge units fail the requirements set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS), making them unsafe to drive. Ford advised owners that affected SUVs may be taken to any dealer for a free airbag replacement.

Prior to that, 2007-2008 Ford Edge units were also recalled in January 2017 for bad airbag inflators in the passenger frontal airbag assembly. The propellant in the inflators could have degraded due to humidity and changing temperatures, causing them to explode. This may cause metal debris to scatter and hit passengers in the vehicle. Affected vehicles may be taken to any dealer for a free passenger frontal airbag inflator replacement.

Faulty Brake Booster

One of the most notorious problems with 2007-2015 Ford Edge models is a faulty brake booster, whose diaphragm might develop a tear due to changing driving conditions. This may cause the vehicle to create unusual hissing noises when the brake pedal is stepped on. Owners have shared that the tear may get worse and affect braking function. Ford is aware of the issue and extended the warranty coverage for a one-time brake booster repair program to 10 years or 150,000 miles.

2017 ford edge
The 2016-2017 Ford Edge was recalled in February 2017 for malfunctioning airbags. Image source: Ford

Clicking Noise from Wheel Area

Some 2007-2014 Ford Edge models are known to develop clicking noises in the wheel area after around 75,000 miles. Some owners who have experienced this with their vehicles got their wheels inspected, but they couldn’t find anything wrong. Some have shared that this usually happens with the wheel on the front passenger’s side. This may have been caused by too much clearance between the wheel and its plastic cladding. To resolve this issue, the plastic cladding must be replaced, especially if it has become loose.

Illuminated Door Ajar Light

The 2013 Ford Edge’s electrical issues may trigger multiple interior malfunctions, such as sunroof or bluetooth problems. However, the most reported and troublesome one is the door ajar light, which usually remains lit even if all doors are securely closed. It may start off as a small issue, but leaving it unaddressed may lead to more pressing problems, such as draining the battery, keeping the doors unlocked by mistake, and so on. This may be triggered by the switch inside the door latch mechanism, making the doors seem unlocked to the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This may also happen with other year models, such as 2011 and 2012.

Aside from the door ajar lights, this issue may also cause other components to malfunction. The dome lights may turn on or the key fob may stop the doors from locking. Typical repairs may go over $400, depending on component price and labor cost.

Air Conditioning (A/C) Overheats

The 2011 Ford Edge’s air conditioning system (A/C) has a tendency to overheat. Some owners have reported that their A/Cs would blow hot air and not work at all in hot weather. This usually happens when the vehicle has already logged around 120,000 miles. Some reports indicate that this could be resolved by replacing the cooling fan and timing belt. However, it can get expensive, with total costs going over $1,700, depending on different prices of components and labor.

Faulty Windshield Seal

The 2007, 2008, and 2011 Ford Edge windshield seal is known to slide out because of the bad adhesive that is supposed to keep it in place. Some owners have reported getting it repaired at their dealer, but it keeps on happening again. Extreme cases may cause rain water to leak into the vehicle and soak the floor along with other components. To resolve the issue, the windshield needs to be removed so the foam seal can be replaced.

Fuel Tank Defect

One of the most common problems with 2009-2010 Ford Edge models is a defective fuel tank, which may be a fire risk if left unaddressed. The fuel tank may corrode due to salt water exposure, causing leaks at the fuel tank seam weld beneath the mounting reinforcement brackets. Ford released a recall in October 2015 notifying owners that they can take their vehicles to a dealer for an inspection. If a leak has not developed yet, the tank will be cleaned and treated with a corrosion preventive compound. If it has gone too severe, the fuel tank will be replaced for free.

Transmission Failure

Many owners of 2007 and 2008 Ford Edge models are aware of its transmission problems. They have reported that the transmission would suddenly shut down even while the vehicle is in motion. Some owners have shared that the engine would unexpectedly stop. Some reports also state that it would be accompanied by illuminated error lights and clunking sounds, usually happening at a mileage of around 80,000 miles.

If you take your vehicle to your dealer, a diagnostic test can be done to find out the cause of this, but some vehicles tested normal despite the ongoing issue. Repairs may also get expensive, with some owners reporting that they had to get their transmission rebuilt or replaced, with a total cost going around $3,000 to $4,000.

It’s important to take note of the potential issues that may come with the Ford Edge model you’re planning to buy. There is always a risk, especially if you’re buying a used vehicle, so make sure to do your research and clarify any details with your seller.

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Linda Lott

2014 edge
138000 miles
Transmission started to shutter between 20 and 40 mph
Very very very disappointed with this issue

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