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Over 200,000 Ford Vehicles Recalled for Suspension Issues
Over 200,000 Ford Vehicles Recalled for Suspension Issues Ford is recalling a total of 211,207 vehicles in the United States due to over a rear suspension fracture in the toe link. Some of the models affected by the recall are the Ford Flex, Lincoln MKT, Taurus SHO, as well as the Ford Taurus Police Interceptors from the 2013-2018
How Often Do Brakes Need to Be Replaced?
How Often Do Brakes Need to Be Replaced?A vehicle’s brake system is one of its most critical safety features. It allows you to slow down or bring the vehicle to a complete stop when necessary. But as with any part of your car, it requires periodic maintenance and replacement so you can be confident about your vehicle’s
How Long Do Shocks Last?
How Long Do Shocks Last?Your car’s suspension system is made up of various components that work together to keep the vehicle from bouncing around when driving over bumpy roads—and one such component is the shock absorber. These are usually located on both the front and rear wheels, but modern car models usually only have

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