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Chinese Auto Brands Trying to Get First Dibs on U.S. Market
Chinese Auto Brands Trying to Get First Dibs on U.S. Market Just weeks after President Donald Trump signed Phase One of America’s trade deal with China and amid a widespread coronavirus epidemic, Chinese automakers are stopping at nothing in trying to sell products in the United States market.
U.S. Automakers Confident Coronavirus Won’t Affect Car Supply
U.S. Automakers Confident Coronavirus Won’t Affect Car Supply As the world tries to contain the spread of the coronavirus that’s been causing plant shutdowns in hardest-hit China, as well as South Korea and Europe, automakers in the United States are confident the supply chain for models won’t be affected.
A Guide to Car Window Accessories
A Guide to Car Window AccessoriesCar window accessories like a windshield sun shade can help protect your vehicle’s interior and your eyes from the potentially adverse effects of intense sunlight. They can make getting into your car more comfortable even after you leave it parked under the sun for a long time. Some car window

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kirbyd811Great partsI have placed a few orders haven't been disappointed good service and better prices.
mvyucatecaworking greatmy tail light was broken and I needed to replace it quick and it came within a week or 2 and I installed it myself
scottswarts2006 BMW 4.8 is X5 Upper Radiator HoseMy daughters 2006 BMW 4.8 is X5 had a blown upper radiator hose. The primary hose has three smaller hoses connected to it that go to other parts of the engine. I was concerned about getting the correct hose with all the connections. However, the Carparts replacement hose was a perfect match that included all the correct connections. I had to take apart a few engine components off to get access to the various hose connections but having the correct/complete radiator hose made the replacement process relatively easy. Thanks to your system of matching car make/model with the correct replacement parts got my daughters car is up and running again!
8.18 / 10
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