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A faulty fuel pump can cause a number of problems in your vehicle.
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Reborn Hummer Could Be the First Electric Truck in the Market
Reborn Hummer Could Be the First Electric Truck in the MarketThe Hummer may be an old nameplate, but the upcoming GMC Hummer is still considered a rookie in the electric pickup truck segment. The highly awaited model is expected to arrive fall of 2021, around the same time as other electric trucks are expected to come.
2020 Nissan Frontier Gets New Engine Upgrade
2020 Nissan Frontier Gets New Engine UpgradeNissan is not planning to give its aging Frontier mid-size pickup a major update until the 2021 version is released next year. But this does not necessarily mean the automaker has nothing in store for the outgoing model.
Hyundai Expands Warranty Coverage
Hyundai Expands Warranty CoverageHyundai is making car ownership more convenient for its customers as the company announced it is expanding warranty coverage and adding free maintenance to its services.

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