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Tips to Help You Pass a Car Emissions Test
Tips to Help You Pass a Car Emissions TestNote: Please check your local and state laws regarding exemptions and coverage of car emissions testing in your area. Emission testing, or smog check, ensures your car meets the emission standards set by the EPA and the government.
Is the Mazda Rotary Engine Worthy of a Comeback?
Is the Mazda Rotary Engine Worthy of a Comeback?Internal combustion engines have been powering cars since the mid-1800s. The inherent reliability, efficiency, and power are what made them the standard for car manufacturers. The automotive industry has had its fair share of fuel-chugging machines with different designs over the years, and while some were iconic, others have become
America’s Best-Selling Ford F-150 Is Not a Favorite in Some States
America’s Best-Selling Ford F-150 Is Not a Favorite in Some StatesThe Ford F-150 truck may be the best-selling truck in America for several decades now, but there are still states where the truck is not the favorite–19 to be exact.

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rickmattaroloCar parts approved Excellent in all ways good quality parts and fast delivery . Couldn’t ask for anything more. Prices are good too
pettusbelvin8Brake pads.Well,over all with the brake pads I was happy that you guys had them,now the flip side of this is that you guys didn't recommend me buying rotors and sensors,so the next time I order anything from you guys please let me know if what I order consist of other parts that usually needs replace Reason I say this is because mostly on BMW´S when replacing parts to it,it's other parts that may connect to it that need to be replaced as well,I didn't know this until I had work done to the car at an auto would be greatly appreciated and it was great doing business with you...look to hear from me again as I will be ordering more parts to get my car back to its best performance...thank you.
meanseaturtleThe right part, the right price, speedy delivery. Very satified.All in all a great experience !!
8.35 / 10
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