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So you spend 2.5 hours on a Saturday afternoon choosing and ordering those killer Rancho shocks for your new ride and click “place order.” Then you realize you need a special tool to install them right, but you didn’t see any garage tools on the vendor’s web site? Frustrating because now you have to spend another hour on several different web sites looking for the right car tools, i.e. socket wrenches and/or lug wrenches, to finish the job. Not with We are a one-stop shop for anything and everything automotive – including mechanic tools and car tool kits that make the DIY process quick and easy.

Think of all those items that every pro shop tool box has – cordless drills, compressors, scales, cutters, timing lights, battery testers, wrenches, hammers, mallets and gauges – and how nice it would be to assemble a nice professional array of them for your home shop at an affordable price without having to price shop 10 different places. That’s why we’re here. Performance Tool, Dorman and AC Delco can pretty much get you set up without breaking the bank, and all that stuff’s right here for you.

Along with all those cool tools and such, there’s a whole other consumable/disposable part of the process like cleaners, degreasers, sealers, adhesives and stuff like that to prevent leaks, messes and seized parts. Then you also need things laying around to get a job done like saw blades, grinders, bits, sanding discs and paper, electrical tape and terminals, right? 

Well, guess what. When you shop with us, literally everything you’re going to need to get any shop job done is at your fingertips – for a great price. And at the end of the day, don’t you want to spend more time in the shop and less time online trying to round everything you need from 10 different e-tailers? Yup. Shop what you need here so you can get out to the shop…

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