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Choosing the right replacement wheels for your vehicle is an important task, as using wheels that are of an improper fit or size can be detrimental to a variety of other parts on your vehicle, in addition to damaging the tires and wheels and interfering with handling. Wheels of the wrong size can disrupt transmission timing and function and damage the brake system, as well as some of the computer controls in the vehicle. It is also necessary to give consideration to the overall purpose of the vehicle, or the most typical of your driving circumstances, when choosing new wheels for that vehicle. For example, a vehicle that spend a good deal of time in off-road adventuring, exploring rough trails, would not be best served by aluminum wheels, despite their attractive appearance. Aluminum wheels tend to be more brittle, more easily damaged by the blows that could be expected off-roading, with flying rock and the like. Aluminum wheels, however, are built for speed, as aluminum is much lighter than the steel wheels that are more appropriate for off-roading than racing. Aluminum wheels also resist corrosion to a higher degree than do steel, and are an excellent choice for luxury vehicles, or those more appreciated for their style, tending to be infrequently driven over rough terrain. Alloy wheels are a great all around type of wheel, versatile in function and generally pretty durable. We feature a broad selection of wheels of different sorts for a variety of applications in our online catalog, readily available and easily ordered.

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