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The Research Team is composed of experienced automotive and tech writers working with (ASE)-certified automobile technicians and automotive journalists to bring up-to-date, helpful information to car owners in the US. Guided by's thorough editorial process, our team strives to produce guides and resources DIYers and casual car owners can trust.

Automotive Research Editorial Team

With a combined 30 years of experience working in the family, our research and editorial team is equipped with the specialized knowledge and tools to ensure In the Garage's readers only get factually correct and technically accurate automotive information.

  • Marvin Sanchez - Content Director
    Marvin Sanchez Content Director
  • Robert Bryan Santos - Content Strategy Lead
    Robert Bryan Santos Content Strategy Lead
  • Jennifer De Castro - Content Strategy Lead
    Jennifer De Castro Content Strategy Lead
  • Isa Lorenzo - Content Editor
    Isa Lorenzo Content Editor
  • Au Nivera - Content Editor
    Au Nivera Content Editor

Where does the Research Team source their information?

Articles produced by our Research Team are thoroughly fact-checked and reviewed by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified automobile technicians or experienced automotive journalists. You can learn more about our editorial process.

Our sources include:

  • Our ASE-certified mechanics
  • Product Specialists
  • ASE certification guides
  • Automotive Technology textbooks
  • Auto repair software

Our Research Team cross-references these sources with published data by industry experts, and manufacturer websites, among others, to come up with complete guides our readers can use to extend the service life of their vehicles.

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