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AC Speed Sensor

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Believe it or not, your vehicle's speed affects the way the air-conditioning (A/C) system works. The A/C system adjusts the blower motor's speed according to how fast or slow your vehicle's going, and for that, the system needs an A/C speed sensor.The speed sensor sends signals on the vehicle's speed to the A/C module. Information for the A/C speed sensor helps the module properly adjust the blower motor's speed.So as your vehicle zooms along the streets, more air flows into the air intake manifold, and the blower motor is switched to automatic mode. This helps your vehicle save power on driving the blower motor.Without a properly-working A/C speed sensor, the A/C module can't maximize your vehicle's speed to the A/C system's advantage. Once your vehicle's speed sensor becomes defective, get a replacement sensor here at Carparts!

• Helps the A/C system operate more efficiently

• Provides accurate signals to the A/C module

• Designed to last longer than its OE counterparts