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AC Thermo Switch

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Your vehicle's air-conditioning (A/C) system features some built-in safety devices that help keep damage at bay. One such device is the A/C thermo switch. The thermo switch is located at the outlet of the compressor.When temperature at the compressor's outlet on the high-pressure side rises to 115 degrees Celsius, the switch halts power supply to the compressor's clutch. This measure prevents the A/C cycle from starting up in an extremely hot environment, a possible cause of overheating and A/C system damage.But as useful,as this thermo witch may seem, the device is among the first A/C parts that may need replacement as time passes.Once you need a new A/C thermo switch for your vehicle, you can trust Carparts's complete line of aftermarket replacement products. Definitely, we have the perfect thermo switch for your vehicle!

• Activates a safety measure in case the compressor gets too hot

• Helps prevent overheating

• Compatible with most OE A/C compressors