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Aceomatic offers innovative and durable extension housing bushings and other performance transmission parts.

The Aceomatic extension hsng. bush is a durable and high-quality replacement part that guarantees a longer-lasting service life.

Aceomatic replacement parts ensure DIY mounting, helping every vehicle owner or driver save a lot on installation money!

Aceomatic replacement parts are limitedly warranted to assure vehicle owners and consumers that these parts are premium in quality.

Immediately replacing a worn-out auto part is always the smartest thing to do. And for your stock extension hsng. bush, you have to be more careful when choosing a replacement. One of the most trusted is the Aceomatic extension hsng. bush that comes in singles. It's made for universal fitting, so you don't have to modify anything. It's also designed for DIY mounting, so you can save a lot of your hard-earned money. The Aceomatic extension hsng. bush is for use in extension housings whose inside diameter is 0.004 to 0.005 inches smaller than the outside diameter. If enlarging the inside diameter is needed, you can use a brake cylinder hone. And when preparing for the installation, you must not use a chisel to take out the old bushing because this will surely imperil the rim of the housing. Use a bushing extractor instead because it is safer than anything else. In placing the new Aceomatic extension hsng. bush in, you need a proper bushing driver. Never use a hammer and socket as the pressure alone may damage stock parts as well as the new bushing you're trying to install. When that happens, instead of saving money, you'll be compelled to spend more for replacements to the damaged parts and for higher servicing charge to your mechanic.