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All ACM auto electronic products are engineered to restore the heavy-duty functions of your auto's performance parts and systems.

Durability and effectiveness: these are the ACM trademarks behind all universal ACM a/c and auxiliary auto parts.

ACM understands the value of your hard-earned money, so it engineers its auto parts and accessories for DIY installation.

All ACM electronic parts are warranted to ensure the total satisfaction and security of its costumers.

How important is the ACM a/c temp. switch to your relatively good-working air-conditioned automobile? Well, this switch is the perfect replacement to your damaged stock a/c temp. switch, designed to keep the auxiliary fan in the air conditioning system working well. It has an electronically controlled a/c intake duct temperature sensor to monitor coolant temperature and operate the fan when the temperature reaches a pre-set level. Although you may think this switch is the last thing you have to worry about, even a simple damage can cause inconveniences and serious problems. A damaged switch will not activate the auxiliary fan, and overheating may result. So, don't think twice about your damaged switch and get a new ACM a/c temp. switch at once. You'd be happy to know that you won't have to shell out more money because this switch is designed for DIY purposes. You can do the replacement on your own with the detailed instructions it is equipped with and with the use of simple hand tools. Doing so will surely give you the chance to save a lot of dollars from servicing fee while giving you the opportunity to improve your technical skills. Besides, it's always good to know that you can now take care of your own automobile and keep all its parts working well. From its benefits to its DIY orientation, the ACM a/c temp. switch is an ideal choice.

What do you say about your faulty air conditioning system? Well one, it needs fixing. Two, you can fix it yourself to save on maintenance money. But how do you know which a/c part is erratic? It's time you pay attention to symptoms and do some inspection on the system. First, inspect parts like the evaporator, expansion valve, compressor, and condenser. Then, look into the smaller components. If your a/c is not giving you enough cold air, there might be leaks either on the accumulator or on the tank where the refrigerant is charged. If the problem is coolant overheating, smaller connective components like the switches or the aux. ran resistor might be the reason. There are at least two types of a/c switches: the refrigerant pressure switch and the temperature switch. They must properly work or the temperature may get too high. If the problem's with the resistor, you have to get a new ACM aux. fan resistor. This durable aftermarket part will surely restore power to the auxiliary fan, ensuring no more overheating. The ACM aux. fan resistor is made for every auto make and model, so you won't have difficulty finding it. All ACM-made replacement parts are also designed for DIY purposes, so installing the ACM aux. fan resistor is definitely easy.